Panther Tracks Weekly

Week of 5/4/15

Upcoming Supervision

Also find your supervision on your mailbox, in Fricker's email reminder and calendar.

As a reminder, this week:

1: Pope

2: Strait

3: Burton

4: Jirovec

5: Aubrey

6: Pirkle

7: Fear

8: Gatoff

For the week of 5/11/15:

1: Spaeth

2: Bartsch

3: Gerstner

4: Knight

5: McFarland

6: Nocita

7: PM - Fuentes

8: Graff

Early Release Docket

We will start the PTO National Teacher Appreciation Day at 1:40 in the Commons:

  1. Prior to arrival in the Commons, visit the lounge to grab your taco
  2. Join the Panther staff in the Commons
  3. Brief staffing starts at 2:00
  • Check out Process / Form
  • BVEF Grant process and overview
  • Jars
  • MAP Proctor Guidance / Support from Nocita. Be ready to roll with Reading by the close of Tuesday
  • Ensure classroom and content AOLs have been communicated with your team to identify any congested assessment dates. Share with students NOW and parents ASAP. If more than two grade level content assessments exist, communicate with Stacey and Heath

MAP Days...

See previous email for A/B days the next two weeks. A reminder:

**Reading MAP days are "B"

**Math MAP days are "A"

If you are proctoring, please ensure your classes are set up. See Stacey's MAP schedule sent out today and twice this quarter to support any questions about your role.

May 6 - Incoming Sixth Grade Night

Thank you to Tina, Janice and the Sixth Grade Team for welcoming incoming sixth graders on Wednesday from 5:30 - 6:30.

May 7 - Last Home Track Meet

May 8 - Talent Show Auditions

Community Service Recognition

May 14 @ 9:00

  • Students participating in the recognition will be pulled 8:50 to the Commons
  • They will return no later than 10:00 to your classrooms
  • Second and Fourth Hour MAP blocks will be impacted. Choose to test upon their return if you feel strongly about their strong performance. Those not tested will be added to the make up roster and tested later.
  • See Sigg/Sperry with questions as soon as possible.

Your Wish has Come True

The Parent Teacher Organization deserves a big THANK YOU. The Wish List, in conjunction with number crunching by Sperry and Sigg, will be approved. If your wish was less than $1000, some - if not all - has been approved.

Next steps coming soon...stay tuned.

KSHSAA Citizenship Recognition - Survey Monkey Response

Tis the season to recognize outstanding eighth grade students. At the Farewell, scheduled for 8:30 on Thursday, May 21 we will celebrate one boy and one girl. Per verbal survey of the eighth grade team, it was shared that last year staff were able to nominate individually. From this pool of nominations, a smaller group was provided for selection by the eight grade team. In that spirit:

  • Please respond to the Survey Monkey coming Wednesday as individual teachers. In the open textbox, provide one boy and one girl with a statement of qualification for each.
  • KSHSAA defines qualifications as:
  1. Respect for Flag, Constitution and Anthem
  2. Respect for students and citizens of community
  3. Respect for public and private property
  4. Demonstrates tolerance and respect for the beliefs and rights of others
  5. Willingness to assume citizenship responsibilities in the community and school
  6. Works to build pride through active participation in projects that honor school
  7. Good sportsmanship is displayed
  8. Friendly toward new students
  9. Reverence and concern for the well being of others

Summative Appraisals are Ongoing

Come to your Summative prepared with:

  • Copy of Survey prepared for students uploaded
  • Reflections uploaded into your Multiple Measures Form
  • Edits for both possible until May 15th; even after your summative meeting
  • Prepared to discuss what is going well, could grow and ideas for your 2015 - 16 goals

Seventh Grade Grill Day - May 15

Fieldtrip and activities will require your support in coverage. We appreciate your support and knowledge of the shift in schedule.

See Sperry/Sigg with questions.

May 22 .... closer than you think. But not as close as Gatoff advertises.

Please remember that the final day is packed:

* Yearbooks are sure to beautiful thanks to Mollie.

* Talent Show auditions are this week. Performance is the last day.

* Okie Joe's in the Sixth Grade Pod will start 11:15

* Celebration of Roxanne & Bob start at 12:00

* Check out from 1:00 - 3:45

Broadcast...growing by the episode

Thank you to Lisa and Lisa for their guidance and support of our student broadcast team. As we progress through the year, the production has only grown. Moving forward lots are in store:

**A student broadcast Guided Studies

**Optimal timing will be considered for the production

**Daily YouTube access to circumvent technology struggles

**Daily Lead In to verify it is live

**Shorts or specials that will be advertised for students to go grab, that are too lengthy for our broadcast. This will support your classrooms, events, organizations and clubs.

PLEASE be sure to hold your students until Broadcast ends. Early dismissal tends to disrupt those classrooms demonstrating support of the daily airing. If a sub is present, we are reminding them at check in that this time is important - please help by doing the same as they arrive.

Branson Music Trip

Thank you to Paul, Meredith, Amy and Bridget for leading an exceptional music outing to the Ozarks.

High ratings and patient chaperones survived a lengthy day. Despite bus smell and function, all returned safely and in good spirits.


KUDOS to Nocita and Cake Night

Record breaking dollar amounts for cake ... Two Guys and a Grill ... and a successful track meet - all under a beautiful Leawood Spring afternoon.

Great job and thank you to Maryl, her connections and Mrs. Nocita for volunteering time and effort to raise money for a great cause ... the Media Center.

Job well done!

Room Numbers....

....coming soon. Remember that the Master Schedule is a living document at this stage of the game.

Come see me, as a few of you have, about ideas, suggestions, questions and concerns with the schedule.

Room numbers are soon to follow ;)

Leawood Fire - Grill Day

Thank you to Monica, Mr. Rathburn and the Leawood Fire Department. Great burgers and happy eaters. Always good for morale :)