Gage 4-H News

February 2023

In This Issue:

  • Office Closed
  • 4-H Enrollment
  • Clover Kids
  • County Fair dates
  • Scholarship Update
  • 4-H Building Inc. update

Notes to 4-H Members

  • NE 4-H month
  • State Fair Age Eligibility
  • Youth Preparedness Council
Notes to Leaders/Volunteers
  • Project Leader/Club Retreat
  • 4-H Council Meeting

Notes to Livestock Members

  • State Fair Livestock Update
  • State Horse Show update
  • YQCA Trainings
  • UNL Chick Days

Calendar of Events


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4-H Enrollment Now OPEN

Enrollment is open for the 2023-2024 Gage County 4-H year. The enrollment website is All 4-H youth (ages 8-18), Clover Kids (ages 5-7), and leaders/volunteers are required to enroll online every year. Enrollment deadline is June 15. We encourage all members to enroll using a computer and not your mobile device. Call or email Jacie or Sarah at 402-223-1384 with any enrollment questions.

Please make sure to include or update your child's t-shirt size! This is the sizing guide we use to order the Exmark t-shirts for county fair! It is not a required field so can often be missed.

Updated help guides can be found on our website.

Enrollment fee is $12 for each 4-H youth to be paid online or in the office. There is no fee for Clover Kids or adults. We will not be accepting enrollments until we have received payment.

Gage County 4-H Clover Kids

Clover Kids is a special program for youth ages 5-7 who want to participate in 4-H. The program offers a variety of educational and recreational experiences in non-competitive environments. These opportunities are ideal for developing confidence, creativity, and competence during this stage of youth development.

Clover Kids have special opportunities to participate during the Gage County Fair by exhibiting Clover Kids static exhibits. To be eligible to participate, Clover Kids need to enroll through our 4HOnline system at

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Scholarship Update

Gage County 4-H Juniors and Seniors, it's time for you to start looking at scholarships! There are numerous agricultural companies, organizations, and colleges that offer scholarships to students who have long-term career goals in agriculture. There are also a lot of local and county-wide scholarships for 4-H youth. Now is the time to put together a good resume-it helps!

At a loss for where to begin with scholarships and financial aid? We have multiple resources available for you! Check out the Scholarship Update Newsletter for resources and a list of local and statewide 4-H Scholarships.

Happy New Year from 4-H Building Inc. Board!

We are excited to start 2023 with our annual fundraiser. This fundraiser is to help raise money to pay the month-to-month expenses that come with the building. Please see flyer for more information.

Ways you and your club can help!

1.Sign up for a shift to help serve on Sunday, Feb. 26. 8a-10a, 10a-12p, 12p-2p

2.Donate a silent auction item. These items can be dropped off with Sarah at the Extension office by 1:30pm Friday Feb. 24th or they can be brought to the event prior to 8:45am.

3.Donate eggs!

2022 review

Between our building rent fees, table & chair rental fees, food sales and general donations. The building income was over $21,000! But did you know over the year it cost:

$2,761.79 to Black Hills Energy, $3,908.00 to Beatrice Public Works, $500.00 for propane, $2,700.00 for insurance, $10,000.00 in miscellaneous expenses and repairs.

Since we started raising money for the roof project, we have raised over $59,000.00!

We had a great year and are working hard to keep this building nice and the doors open for many years to come! We are working on getting bids from a few local contractors as there are more issues to the building than just the roof. So, we are looking at what is the best way to start. With that being said, the roof is our first priority and we hope to begin that project the week after the 2023 Gage County Fair!

We thank all of the clubs who have stepped up and help support your building! If your club is looking for ways to help this year, please feel free to reach out to Sarah at the Extension office, Megan Overbeck Board Secretary & Treasurer, Mike Jochum Board President or Natasha Siebrandt Board VP. Next meeting will be 2/20/23 at 7:00pm and all are welcome to come.

4-H Building Inc. is also looking for someone with tax experience and would be willing to donate their time in helping the board submit quarterly tax reports and 990EZ form. If you are interested or know of someone who would be, please contact Megan 402-239-7619.

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Nebraska 4-H Month

February is Nebraska 4-H Month! This is an opportunity to celebrate 4-H locally, recruit new members and volunteers, and have fun! Join Gage County 4-H in celebrating:

  • 4-H Spirit Day Tuesday, February 7
  • 4-H Weekend of Service, February 11-12
  • 4-H Volunteer Appreciation Day Tuesday, February 14
  • 4-H Supporter Appreciation Day Tuesday, February 21
  • 4-H Professionals Appreciation Day Tuesday, February 28

State Fair Eligibility Update

The decision has been made to change the age of eligibility in 2023 to be 9 years of age before January 1 (of the current year) for all in-person events (livestock, contests, fashion shows). More information will be forthcoming.

National Youth Preparedness Council

Starting on Jan. 23, teens with a passion for preparedness can apply to join FEMA’s Youth Preparedness Council! The YPC offers an opportunity for teens to share their ideas and feedback with FEMA, improve their leadership skills, and develop preparedness projects. YPC members also participate in an annual youth summit in Washington, D.C. with FEMA leaders and preparedness professionals to network and learn more about the field of emergency management.

Open to grades 8-11. Applicants can apply through either a written or video response. They must provide two letters of recommendation and a list of extracurricular activities and trainings. To showcase their qualifications, applicants can also add optional supplemental materials, such as links to news stories, awards, blog posts, and more.

Once applications are evaluated, FEMA staff will conduct interviews with selected semi-finalists. Successful applicants highlight their preparedness, service and leadership experience and provide a well-rounded overview of their qualifications. FEMA will notify selected candidates in May. Interested students can apply online at The application period begins Jan. 23, 2023 and closes March 6, 2023.

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4-H Council Meeting

The Gage County 4-H Council has an upcoming meeting set for February 27th at 6:30 pm.

Notes to Livestock Members

State Fair Livestock Update

All 4-H/FFA BREEDING livestock, market livestock and FEEDER CALVES will now be required to submit a DNA sample/envelope to be eligible to exhibit at the Nebraska State Fair. DNA envelopes for the Nebraska State Fair are due on June 15 to the Extension Office.

DNA nominations will all be $7.00 per animal. With this update, animals will automatically be eligible for both breeding and market. Any DNA nomination submitted through Show Stock Manager will also be eligible for exhibition at the Aksarben Stock Show.

Breeding livestock (new): Registration papers must now show the exhibitor’s name or a co-owner who is an immediate member of the exhibitor’s family and is listed with the online nomination in show stock manager

State 4-H Horse Update

Announcement from the state horse program:

Hello 4-H Staff and Families –

We’ve learned over the past few years how important developing programming to meet your needs in an ever-changing environment is to our mission of providing 4-H Horse Program youth with learning opportunities. With the changing needs and desires for the program, we are updating our events to better meet the current interests of youth. One of the things we consistently hear is the need for more hands-on learning, especially through workshops and clinics.

To meet that need, we are excited to offer a series of clinics during the summer of 2023 that will be led by Carla Wennberg, Western Collegiate Equestrian Team Coach from St. Andrews University. Carla brings a wealth of experience leading clinics and is a certified horse show judge for several associations across the country. Details on sites and dates will be forthcoming!

Additionally, we have spent time reviewing the intent and outcomes of District 4-H Horse Shows. The intent of these shows was for youth to qualify for the State 4-H Horse Show. Throughout the years, the number of exhibitors who qualify has increased dramatically to a point where 80-90% of exhibitors qualify. These percentages, along with declining numbers indicate these District Shows are no longer serving the intent and instead causing an extra burden for families of exhibitors who want to participate in the State 4-H Horse Show. Hence, beginning in 2023, participation in a District 4-H Horse Show will not be required to participate in the State 4-H Horse Show. This is also similar to the process used by other state livestock events (i.e., State Fair, AKSARBEN, etc.) and will allow more youth the opportunity to experience the State 4-H Horse Show. As safety is always our most important concern, being able to provide more opportunities for learning through workshops and clinics will allow youth to increase their skills and further develop with their project horse(s) in preparation for the State 4-H Horse Show.

*The age eligibility update does not apply to the Fonner Park State Horse Show.

YQCA Training

4-H (ages 8-18) and FFA (under age 19) exhibitors as of Jan. 1st of the current year who exhibit beef, goat, sheep, swine, rabbit & poultry are REQUIRED to complete YQCA training by June 15, to be eligible to participate at the Gage County Fair and Nebraska State Fair. (Clover Kids are not required to complete YQCA training).

Face-to-Face training participants are REQUIRED TO PRE-REGISTER ONLINE and pay a $3.00 fee. Once you have completed the training you will log back into your YQCA account and retrieve your certificate to turn into the Extension Office by June 15.

  • February 9 @ Tri-County Schools 1:30-2:30 pm Mr. Barnard
  • April 10 @ Extension Office, 11:00 - noon

Online YQCA training is available for $12.00 per youth. Please make a special note to your 4-H age (as of Jan. 1) when selecting a course to complete.

UNL Chick Days

Contact the Extension Office for more information and to register!
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