The Golden Age of The Han Dynasty

Silk Road!

THe Silk Road

-The Silk Road was a major trading route opened during the Han Dynasty .

-The Silk Road bought china in contact with other civilizations.

-The items exchanged include Silk , Gold tea ,spices.

Diseases , religion , culture ,philosophers ,and ideas were also traded

The Two bigest and powerful empires that traded were The Romans and Chinese people .

_This trade route from China to Europe was a great source of wealth and luxury items.


The Golden ag in science and technology

the Han dynasty inventions were some of the greatest contributions not only to the Chinese society but even across the globe

-The Han Scientists wrote textbooks on zoology ,botany and chemistry

Han scientists figured out how to make paper from wood pulp witch was the most inventions made during the Han dynasty

Han architects are noted for their detailed carvings in dade wood

,Ivory and the building of collaborate temples

They also invented the rudder, fishing read and wheel barrow

the inventions of the iron tools were also credited to the Han dynasty because their furnaces were able to convert iron to pig iron then they would use the iron to create things

Han dynasty also invented the loom

its true that The people from Han dynasty pioneered some of the most important advancements in human history.

Things they made with their new inventions

The han dynasty made many nice things with their new tools like