Ernest Hemingway


1. Ernest was an extreme fisherman, not only did he fish, he even killed sharks with machine guns.

2. He had a love for cats.

3. He believed that he was under surveillance by the government.

4. He later found out he was in fact under government surveillance.

5. He hunted U-Boats for the Hooligan Navy.

6. Ernest fought Orson Welles.

7. He was once a spy for KGB.

8. He took a Urinal home that belonged to his favorite bar.

9. Ernest survived through anthrax, malaria, pneumonia, skin cancer, hepatitis, diabetes, two plane crashes (on consecutive days), a ruptured kidney, a ruptured spleen, a ruptured liver, a crushed vertebra, a fractured skull, and more.

10. He killed himself with his favorite shotgun.

11. There’s an Ernest Hemingway lookalike contest.

12. As a young boy, Ernest, was dressed in girls clothing, due to his mother.

13. He once hit a critic for, giving him bad reviews.

14. Ernest mother disliked his first book.

15. He was born in Oak Park, Illinois.

16. Ernest, his sister, his brother, and his father all committed suicide.

17. Instead of attending college, he became a reporter after high school.

18. In high school, he was known for his writing ability.

19. After being unable to enlist in the US army, he settled in Chicago where he got married and got a job for a newspaper.

20. He served in WW2 as an ambulance driver.

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Mini BIO - Ernest Hemingway