Damage done by a little screen

A single phone can cause a lot of damage

Your phone takes you from the work you have to do

Students believe homework takes forever. The average teenager spends 7 hours a day on their phone or tablet. Your phone calls your attention to be on it but you need to work. You have to do a lot of work and you just want to watch something over and over again and you have to do chores but you didn't do them. So you want to ignore the phone but your brain won't let you. When your on the phone you get this chemical called dopamine its the same thing you get when you eat something you like.

Your phone can cause a lot of bad things

To much time on your phone

A teenager spends 53 hours at least on their phone and send 3,339 texts at least and they receive that much to and they can affect our brain if you use it over a long term of time.

80% of teenagers sleep with their phone next to their bed and they usually don't get enough sleep because there on their phones all night long and they don't usually any sleep at all.