Mr. Nielsen's Wildcat Newsletter

Weekly Madrona Middle News - April 2, 2021

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Absence Excuses

Parents - Our amazing health clerks, Daphne and Nikki, call each and every student who may be sick to ensure that our campus remains healthy and safe for the whole community. Please make sure that you alert the office if your child is sick. Also, please make sure your excuse notes accurately explain the reason for the absence. We are working extremely hard to keep the campus safe. Please help us by communicating early, often, and accurately.

School Resumes Monday, April 12th

Quarter 3 ended today.

Q3 Records will be emailed to parents Tuesday, April 20th.

Parents of 8th Graders: Attend the Torrance High School
VIRTUAL Info Night on
Wednesday April 14th, 2021 via ZOOM @ 6pm
See Flier HERE

Mindful Life Journey

We are excited to kick off our Mindful Life Journey (student assemblies) starting Wednesday, April 14th at 9:30am. Links will be posted in the grade level Google Classrooms as it gets closer. Watch the video below to learn more about mindfulness and its benefits!

Mindful Life Journey

Helpful Reminders


  • REMEMBER DO NOT: send your child to school if they have any of these symptoms-Fever, Cough, Colds, Allergy Distress, Stomach/Intestinal Problems
  • Breakfast and lunch is free.
  • No parents allowed on campus. Staff and students only.
  • Please send your child to school with a water bottle and headphones if possible.
  • Dismissal is now at 2pm.
  • No drop-off items will be allowed after school begins. If your child forgot a lunch, a book, or device, they will have to wait until dismissal. We are unable to accommodate the drop-off of any items. Remember - breakfast and lunch is served daily and is free.

Additional Info:

  • LIBRARY BOOK RESERVATIONS will continue by clicking HERE. Use code mmst362 to enter the site, browse and reserve. Then email our librarian at

Health Office Announcements

  • EMERGENCY CONTACTS: Please make sure your child's emergency contact information is up to date. If your child is sick it is important that we can contact someone to pick them up as soon as possible!
  • Students requiring Medications on Campus: print out the authorization forms located on the Madrona Middle School website, "Our School" tab, "Health Office" link. Your student's pediatrician must complete the forms. Bring the completed forms with the medication to campus. If you have any questions, concerns, or difficulties accessing the forms, please contact Daphne Ying ( and Nicole Rivas (
  • Parents of 6th graders - All immunization documentation regarding Tdap and Varicella must be submitted before your child begins 7th grade. Submit all documents, by email to and

Recognitions of the Week!

Reading Stats for March week 4:

  • Top Class-Dr. Torres, P3=20,533 minutes
  • Total Read 482,012 for our school

Reading Stars:

  • Micah Papilla = 1,487 minutes

  • Ellie An = 510 minutes

  • Jayden Kniseley = 1,080 minutes

Shout Outs to:

  • Mr. Estefan has a shout out for Gabrielle Samuel, Chelsea Son, Riley Gibson, Ayanna Wheeler, Emily Proenca, Leah Price, and Kaela Hashimoto for their curiosity and participation this week!
  • Ms. Adra thanks the 6th graders who participated in our beachball icebreaker activity this week (Joel, Ava, Austin, Kauan, Christian, Nick, Sofia, Alexander, Danielle, Nathan, Abraham, Isaac, Shane, Connor, and so many more friendly students!). It was great for us to all get to know each other better.
  • From Ms. Sibley: Alex Lee and Josh Miwa were both helpful with technology in class and specifically with Kami when other students and I was having trouble. Well done to the students who excelled on their Atmosphere Quiz: Per 1- Cate Bondoc, Kylie Calaycay, Joseph Del Monte, Jordan Greer, Mariko Hiraiwa, Isaac Hokama, Logan Holstein, Taylor Kasuga, Jayden Kniseley, Alex Lee, Josh Miwa, Aisha Momon, Rowan Roque, Robin Sayat, Helen Tran, Mark Wu and Emily Yang; Per. 2- Daphny Cotton, Riley Dinco, Casey Duarte, Cayden Lee, Kaobi Emedosi, and Yammil Lopez; Per. 5- Ariana Rodriguez and Kristine Solmayor.
  • Ms Clarke give shout outs to: Robert Stafsudd for hosting a game for period 2B, everyone had a great time; Gavin Monteverde, Franny Perez, Ioan Evans, and Reed Sandoval for winning period 5B PrePrinting Press Relay Race.
  • Ms. Thompson is proud of her students in Life Management who have worked hard all quarter on the Stock Market Project and have actually made money! Bravo!
  • Mr. H says "bravo" to JJ Walsh, Makenna Ackley, Isabel Garcia, and Gavin Eastham for reading their original odes in class.
  • Mrs. Waller says thank you Kaela Hashimoto, Emily Proenca, Leah Price, Emiliano Anguiano, Cain Hawkins, Steven Jonaris and everyone in 1st period for constantly helping each other out. The camaraderie in the group is amazing.
  • Mrs. Miskimen Q3 "A"chievements go to: Christian Chavez, Nicanor Enage (100%), Kayla Gener (100%), Abraham(Waldo) Granados, Presley Hernandez, Mia Kato (100%), Sam Saiar, Wakana Taira, Isabella Afanasyeva (100%), Faith Dunn, Andrew Martinez (100%), Kohta Mizumoto, Joseph Tran, Giselle Estrada, Raiden Goulsby, Andrew Lee, Matthew Lim, Samanth Chavez, Isabella Cruz, Maia Hollenbeck, Chukwuid Imoh, Yuzuki Kuwamura, Sana Tagai, and Casey Wang. Most Improved Math Student goes to Matthew Vasquez. Way to go!
  • Mrs. Brown recognizes Matthew Price for being such a mature and growing communicator and setting good examples by knowing what he is improving on and following through on making needed changes that he wants to make in himself as a student. You are to be praised for growing as a student.
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