A Peek at the Week

January 27, 2019

House Meetings

House meetings are Monday and Tuesday of this week. Reveur and Fidelis will meet Monday. Amistad and Isibindi will meet Tuesday. Meetings will begin at 1:00 in the cafeteria. We will call for students to come to the cafeteria at that time.

Please wear your house colors and attend your house meeting if at all possible. Talk with your grade levels to see if you all can cover each other during this time. We will be recognizing students and having a student challenge. If I do not have your House Elite sheets, please get it to me by 9:00 tomorrow morning.

SLO Meetings For This Week:

Monday: Shannon at 12:45, Shelley at 3:15

Tuesday: Cody, Ni, and Brenda at 11:15, Beth Kyle at 11:55

Wednesday: Lori at 8:15, Sheri at 11:15, Jill at 12:45

Thursday: Heather at 11:15, Inga at 11:55, Haley at 12:45, Meagan at 3:15

Friday: Elizabeth at 12:45

Faculty Meeting

Please mark your calendars for February 4th. Mr. Binnicker will be here for a meeting with us to discuss the upcoming bond referendum. This meeting will begin at 3:15.
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Promise Standards

This week begins your instruction for your promise standard in math. Remember, you teach your standard for up to two weeks (you determine how many days it will take you to fully cover your standard with your class). Give your first common formative assessment and fill out the shared document with your classes scores. Send me the date that your team will meet following your common formative assessment. That date will be next week or the following week at the latest. If you have questions, please let me know. We have had lots of good discussion about assessments with many grade levels. I just know you are going to be excited about the learning that is getting ready to take place!

Meeting for 3rd-5th Grade Teachers

We need to meet about SCReady this Thursday. We will meet in the library at 3:15.

The Student(s) Who Inspire You

Just a reminder to write a letter to the student(s) that you chose who inspire you to come to work each day. Record yourself reading that letter to the student and send the video to Matt. Please try to have this done by Friday of this week.

Upcoming Dates:

January 28th: House meetings (wear house colors) Reveur & Fidelis

January 29th: House meetings (wear house colors) Amistad & Isibindi

January 30th: Intervention meeting at 10:00 (Judith, Carol, & Amy)

January 31st: Visit from Gateway Elementary in Greenville County

January 31st: 3rd-5th grade teacher's meeting at 3:15

February 1st: All 5th graders meet in the cafeteria at 8:00 for a 5th grade huddle. This will be over by 8:15.

February 4th: National School Counseling Week Begins, Faculty meeting at 3:15.

February 8th: Jet Toy Competition at Spearman

Feruary 7th: House shirt order forms due

February 8th: All reading levels due

February 11th: Read to the Big Game Begins (Brenda has information about this.)

February 12th: Dale Gilbert visits

February 20th: Writing Committee meeting at 3:15

February 21st: Spring Pics

February 22nd: Spring Pics

February 25th: Dr. Seuss Week Begins! Pajama Day

February 26th: 4th grade NAEP testing begins, Funky Sock Day

Febraury 27th: What do you want to be when you grow up?

February 28th: Green Day

March 1st: Dr. Seuss' Birthday- Hat Day