Gifted Gazette

Maplebrook Elementary ~ October

Happy Fall Y'all!

It has been so great to meet with the kiddos, face to face and virtually. I have enjoyed our time together and I have no doubt we are going to have a fantastic year this year!

Groups have been created in both Seesaw (1st & 2nd grade) and Google Classroom (3-5), and activities will be added each week. In the event your students is absent from class or zoom, all materials will be added to their platform. I also will be posting various challenging activities that they are welcome to do. These are not required but I hope they choose one or two to complete to get their brain thinking!

Those whose kiddos are new to the program, each year GT students complete a project. We have not begun to talk about the project yet, but once we do and they have work to do for the project, I will let you know.

Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for your support.

We're a team!


Mrs. Cannon

GT Schedule-Face to Face/Pull-Out

1st- Wednesday's 8:15

2nd- Wednesday's 9:15

3rd/4th- Mrs. Miller's class Monday's 10:25

Mrs. Huberty/Mrs. Wittman's Friday's 10:15

5th- Monday's 9:15

GT Virtual Schedule

1st/2nd- Tuesday's 10:00

3rd- Wednesday's 10:10

4th- Friday's 1:30

5th- Tuesday's 9:25

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Jessica Cannon

Extended Learning Teacher (ELT)

Maplebrook Elementary