Week 13 Assignment

Resources for the classroom

Resource Websites

First Grade Fresh

This website, First Grade Fresh, really helped me with organizational tips. She showed pictures of her classroom and gave tips on how she used each organizational tips. I will use this website later when I am preparing my classroom as a teacher.

Second Grade with Mrs. Wade

This website, Second Grade with Mrs. Wade, is a very useful website. On this website, Mrs. Wade has different categories, such as Reading, Writing, Science, Math, and About Me. With these categories, we are able to see tools that she has used. For example for reading she has pictures of certain charts that she has used in the past and write down how well they were. She also had games in each category that were beneficial to the students learning. I will use this website in the future to help me come up with posters and ideas during teaching.

Obama Fishing

Obama Fishing! is a game that students can play learning about the United States. Lets join him in a game of fishing and try to catch as many fish as we can. For many people out there fishing is a hobby but for Obama, fishing is a way of life. Use the left and right arrow keys to move Obama's boat. Once you are above a fish with a yellow glow around it, use the down arrow key to sink your hook and the up key to reel it in.

My Place in the World

My Place in the World is an easy kids geography project that helps teach how we- and our community- fit into the wider world. This is a very creative project for the students to understand how they fit into their community. I will use this website later on in my teaching career.

First Grade Fabulous Fish

First Grade Fabulous Fish, is a website that helps see what the teacher did for certain lessons in the classroom. This website will be very useful for me when I am a teacher to come up with new ideas for the students to learn.

Glitter and Giggles

Glitter and Giggles is a first grade website. I was so excited to view this website because it has different lessons incorporating Owls. My obsession with owls has grown and I was so happy that I was able to get ideas on how teachers incorporated owls with their lessons. Besides the fascination with owls, this website has different categories that you can choose from to look at different lesson plans. I will for sure be using this website when I am a teacher.

The Teachers' Lounge

The Teachers' Lounge gives tips for new teachers. One example is having a binder at your desk that you will use year round. This binder system is really quite easy to set up and has saved me lots of time and energy through the years. I never find myself scrambling for information and rest assured that it helps my teaching assistant and substitute teachers as well.

Math Game Round-Up

Math Game Round-Up is a website that has multiple games for students wanting to play math games. This website has a variety of games that students can play, depending on their topic. Math games will motivate your students, keep them on task, and also help them review important skills

Social Studies Games

Social Studies Games is a website with many games that students can play to help them with social studies. Some games include: Mapping Maps, Jamestown, World Flags, 50 States and many more.

Race Into Space

Race Into Space is a game where the Earth, Moon, and Sun Science space file folder game to further engage students during the solar system unit. The game features kid-friendly graphics and 48 different quiz cards matched to content standards about the sun, moon, and Earth.


How Zebras Got Their Stripes is a first grade to second grade for reading. The students will read a Ugandan folktale about two donkeys who are tired of working and want an easier life. They meet a wise man who turns the donkeys into zebras by painting them. The idea catches on, but some of the donkeys run out of patience and pay the price. Discussion questions after the reading help build interest and comprehension. Learner objectives: sotry elements, syllables.

Grammar Wonderland

Grammar Wonderland you are able to fly, swim, feed, and toss your way to grammar mastery. Who know grammar practice could be so much fun? Lead your character through many wonderful adventures as you practice using nouns, verbs, adjectives, and more!

Time Math

Time Math you are able to learn how to tell time with Time Math with voice instructions. Ideal for elementary school children. It speaks the time on the launch. Also it lets you tap and drag to move the hour hand to set the time.

National Geographic Explorer for Home Learning

National Geographic is a home for learning includes stories about animals, the environment, science cultures. Explorer engages with worldwide adventures in learning.

United States Spelling

United States Spelling is an uncomplicated game that helps students learn to identify and spell the names of the United States of America. When you being, a picture of a US state appears beneath its name- but the state's letters are jumbled. Players mush rearrange the letters to spell the name correctly by dragging the letters into the correct boxes.