• People who were poor land owners were enslaved
  • Woman,children,and slaves were not allowed to vote
  • The direct democracy lasted about one hundred years
  • Any men aged 20 to 50 years old would have to serve and would be signed up for military service and would fight for there city


  • The woman would always stay at home and cook and take care of the house while the father would be away doing other things
  • The Athens would grow different foods like olives and grapes and would get there milk from goats
  • In Athens the girls stayed at home and learned how to sew and help out around the house
  • The boys went to school to learn the girls didn't
  • The Greeks didn't use cows to get there milk from because the environment they lived in was not good for cows to live in
  • Married men and women were not around each other that much they were usually in different places

Important places and buildings

  • On top of the rocky hill was a temple named Parthenon where inside of the temple is a statue of the goddesses Athena who protects the city
  • There is a place on top of the rocky hill called the Agora where people traded and bought things from other people and you could sell things


  • The Peloponnesian war was when Athens and sparta went to war
  • Athens lost the war because Sparta was a much stronger city then Athens
  • This war lasted 27 years
  • Sparta's empire grew because of this
  • Athens was not a city where they relied on fighting they were more about culture then fighting and Sparta was more about fighting than culture

Five interesting facts

  • The biggest factory in Athens was a factory that made shields for there army and 120 slaves worked there.
  • People who were in dept could be banished and sent abroad
  • Not all slaves did the same thing some slaves were special and were nurses,teachers, and pottery painters
  • Citizens met on a hill every 10 days usually around 5,000 people met there to vote on new laws made by the council and the name of the place is pnyx
Ancient Sites of Athens