Ms. Lethbridge's Class

Spring Edition

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Writing Workshop Wonders

Our expert fair was a success! After becoming experts on a topic and publishing information books using Google Slides, we presented them to our families and taught others about our topics. Now we are writing our opinions to make a difference in our world.

Social Studies Success

As historians, we researched Ellis Island and the immigration period. We rotated through literacy based social studies centers, where we studied primary documents, songs, photographs, interviews, and more. The culmination of this unit was our Heritage Day, where students came dressed to reflect their heritage with a "suitcase" filled with 3 things to bring to their new country. They experienced Ellis Island through a simulation where they were inspected and processed through different stations.

Upcoming Events

  • Spring Concert ~ Tuesday, May 12
  • Field Trip ~ Friday, June 12
  • Field Day ~ Thursday, June 4