Where Do You Go? Who Do You Know?

Breaking Down Walls & Building Bridges of Understanding

Create a Classroom Where Invisible Social Barriers Are Removed

Students often wonder where do they fit in with regards to their peers. High school can often be an ocean of conformity; however, we have students that swim against the current and are often alone. Counselors can help create a classroom of acceptance and a sea of tranquility, support, and mutual respect. Team building activities are designed to meet your classroom dynamics.

Contact Student Services To Schedule Your Classroom Construction

Please call Stefanie Jones at 8518 or Caroline Hanes at 8520 to schedule a time. Counselors will provide you with a survey to assist at predetermining your classroom needs/issues. Team Building Activities can be modified to fit your allotted timeframe, allowing time for discussion/debfiefing. This opportunity can be a one time event or a series of visits.

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Combined Experience is over 50 years.

School Counselors are the Advocates for ALL.

School Counselors are flexible and trained to handle conflict.

Problem Solvers, Communicators, and Collaborators.

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