Build Your very Own Computer

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You might be surprised but building your own computer from scratch can be a lot cheaper than buying a ready made one. Another advantage is that you know exactly what you want to put in there and you can adapt it in the future a lot easier as well. The only problem is, how exactly do you go about building your own computer?
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What will you need?

To build your dream computer you will need:

  • A case/PC tower preferably a big one with a lot of space so you can add lots of cool stuff. Also choose one that has a good power supply attached to it so that you have lots of power to go around.
  • A motherboard. This is crucial as it's the printed circuit board that connects all your components together, it also holds the CPU (Central Processing Unit). You should find one that fits perfectly into your PC and checks all the specs for what you want to use your computer for. If you want it for gaming, get one that has a lot of RAM slots and space for fans and cooling systems.
  • A Processor. This is your computer, this is what sends and processes all the information needed to run a computer. A good Intel/AMD processor will cost you from £120 to £250 this will be one of the most expensive components.
  • RAM cards. These are needed so that your computer can perform tasks. They range from Mega Bytes (although you wouldn't really want those) to Giga Bytes of ram in a single card. You need to get the amount of RAM memory you think you will need. A good supplier of RAM and other electronic gizmos is Corsair.
  • Hard Disk/Solid State drive: This is what stores the files and data on your computer. They can range from Mega Bytes to Terra Bytes and, depending on what you want to use your computer for, it's a matter of preference on how much memory you want.
  • DVD drive. This is self explanatory, it allows your PC to use DVD's.
  • Video Card: If your motherboard doesn't come with one it might be a good idea to get one especially if you want your PC for gaming. depending on what you want to use your computer for, you can get a low end graphics card to just run your operating system or you can get high end gaming graphics card which can be quite expensive and can even be the most expensive part of your computer if you go for the high end graphics card.
  • CPU cooler/heatsink: you can get this with the processor if it comes with it but if they don't, you can get them cheap for around £20. These cool down the CPU which can get super hot (up to 100 degrees c).
  • Thermal compounds: these are special pasts normally made from a silver based compound that help to conduct heat away from components. These can normally be found at around £5.