Novel IDEA Literary Terms

Reena Cavin

1) Flashback

a scene set in a time earlier than the

main story

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In the TV show criminal minds the agents have flashbacks about things that have happened to them to get them love the case faster.

2) Foreshadowing

a hint about what is going to happen

later in a story

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In the story " The Most Dangerous Game" Rainsford hears a scream of an animal that he has never heard of before which is impossible because Rainsford has hunted every animal. Later in the story you come to find out that the scream wasn't an animal but a human screaming.

3) Euphemism

a mild or indirect word or

expression substituted for one

considered to be too harsh or blunt

when referring to something


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When somebody dies most people say that they passed away to make it sound not so tragic.

4) Style

the particular way in which a writer

uses language; created through

diction (word choice) or figurative


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In the story "The Rights to the Streets of Memphis" it says hunger standing at my bedside staring at me gauntly. (Richard Wright)

5) Structure

the way in which the author

organizes a piece of literature

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A plot diagram shows structure because it organizes the events in the story.

6) Inference

a conclusion reached on the basis of

evidence and reasoning

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In the book "Uglies" Tally goes to find her friend and she starts to like and see all the people are happy. You basically know that she is going to stay once she realizes that she is happy.

7) Imagery

visually descriptive or figurative

language; the senses are used to create

an image in a reader’s mind

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In the book "Maze Runner" they describe the maze as dark, scary, confusing, and dangerous and it can help you see what the maze actually looks like.

8) Simile

comparing two things using “like” or “as”

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In the book "Uglies" Tally says the sky looked like pink cat vomit.

9) Metaphor

comparing two things without using “like”

or “as”

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In the movies " The Fault in Our Stars" he says " You smoke to live I smoke to die".

10) Personification

giving human characteristics to inanimate


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In the TV show "Spongebob" they give him human characteristics by making him talk and dance but in reality he is just a sponge.

11) Allusion

a reference to a statement, person,

place, or an event from literature, history,

religion, mythology, politics, sports,

science, or pop culture

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It's raining so hard we'll nee Noah's Ark.