Semana 4, Día 5, U4

Finishign up Mi familia antifitrona en Madrid

¡Enhorabuena! Feliz Viernes and shout out to Alyssa for asking me questions about a quiz. Because of her questions I made some quizlet sets that can help you all. Links are below under "Lección".

Notícias: Come join me in the Culture Cafe next Tues at noon and let´s discuss the Spanish Bullfight and get extra credit along the way! I´d love to have you join the discussion.

San Fermín has ended in Pamplona Spain and a few people have been injured and many bullfights have occurred each of the 9 afternoons. Let´s take a deeper look at this practice and talk about is it Culture of Cruelty? You will go to the room below to participate.

Lección: Help Preterite endings and irregular preterites

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Nerja by Jose Ramon CC