Internet safety

Learn how to use the internet safely


    In this site we will introduce you to the digital world and how to use is safely and responsibly. This site should help you be safer on social media and on the internet.

    Stay Sharp on Internet Safety (Home)

    Rights and Responsibilities in a digital world

    • use a safe and long passwords on your social networks
    • Be careful with what you upload or do on the internet because it might affect you
    • Make backup copies of information for personal use so that it can be restored if the original is lost
    • Treat others with respect, regardless of income, ethnicity, gender, location or disability

    How can you use social networks safely

    • You should use a different password for each site you use and make sure it’s a mix of letters, numbers and symbols.
    • Also you can check URL so, when you click a link you should always check the URL is the one you would expect for the site before you enter any details.

    • In addition do not click on links of people you don’t know because These could take you to phishing sites or download viruses or malware onto your computer because these could take you to phishing sites or download viruses or malware onto your computer.

    • If you’ve got your own computer make sure you get anti-virus software. If your parent or carer bought it for you ask them to make sure you’ve got one installed.

    • Never share your password, even with your best friend! Think of it as your toothbrush If you share your password or leave a phone or computer unlocked then someone else could access any accounts you haven’t logged out of.

    • They could spread rumours about you, say nasty things about other people and get you in trouble.

    what you should avoid doing

    • Responding Unprofessionally

    Always be polite and respectful. Even if you’re not at fault, it’s a whole lot easier to kill them with kindness than to do damage control.

    • Posting in a hurry

    We’re not saying you should ponder posts for days. Just take a moment and think before sharing bits of personal information with the world

    • Sharing your number and address

    Some social networks let you post contact info and your address on your profile. Try avoid doing this because this information is open to the whole world which might lead to horrible consequences involving robbery, stalking, etc.