Feb 3rd Fusion Weekly Reminders

Please be sure to read through all of this IMPORTANT info!

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Important Upcoming Dates...

2/6 - Saturday - Please look in the Important Reminders section for make up classes

8:00-9:00 Ballet/Jazz extra class cancelled*

9:00-10:00 Tiny Tots class cancelled*

2/15 - 2/20 Monday through Saturday

Costume Pass out in Fusion Jazz and Hip Hop classes

2/20 - Saturday

8:00-10:00am Tiny Tot and Extra Ballet/Jazz Make up day

2/27 - Saturday

1:00-3:00 Shock Large Kristin S.

3:00-6:00 Fusion Production *Extended Time*

3/12 - Saturday

Fusion Dress Rehearsal- Times TBD

3/13 - Sunday

12:00-6:00 Company Workshop- Times and Schedule TBD

3/19 - Saturday

1:00-3:00 Shock Large Kristin S.

3:00-5:00 Fusion Production

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A Late Fee will be charged to any registrations submitted after the class has closed out online.

Monday, 2/15 - Auto Bill

Fusion Make Up Kit - $25.00

StarQuest Entry Fees - May 13-15 - Durham, NC


$50 entry fee/dance

OPTIONAL - NYCDA Convention - April 8-10 - Greenville, NC

Mini/Junior (Ages 7-12) $225

Teen/Senior (Ages 13 +) $250

24 Seven Convention - April 15-17 - Washington DC

Optional for All Companies

$225 Juniors

$245 Teens/Seniors

$50/dance Entry Fee

*The following dances will be attending; #964 - Shock Sm Tap, #965 - Shock Lrg Grp & #966 - Shock Sm Hip Hop. If you are competing you must attend the convention. These fees will be added to your account.

Monday, March 15th - Auto Bill

Prop Fees TBD

Prop Travel Fee TBD

*We are still working to finalize these costs. We will get these to you as soon as they are available.

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OPERATION LOVE a note from ALexa Robertson

At the beginning of each year, Mrs. Christy asks us all to pick a word or phrase we want to embody or somehow incorporate throughout the rest of our year. This year, my intention was to give back in all aspects of my life. While brainstorming ideas of how exactly to do so, I came up with a fundraiser I call "Operation Love". Operation Love is essentially a toy drive for the children battling cancer in the Raleigh Area. It would begin now and would end on February 10th. On Valentine's Day, I would go and deliver all of the stuffed animals collected to the children currently receiving treatment in the Oncology Ward of UNC Chapel Hill's Children's Hospital. This idea is both very important and personal for me because I was once a child receiving treatment at the very same Oncology Ward. Almost 11 years ago, I was in the hospital battling a stage four, basketball sized Wilms Tumor. While I was receiving my treatment, I was given a stuffed animal. This toy brought me the joy and strength I needed to get through such a difficult time. I wish to bring the same strength, love, and joy to children fighting similar battles. I would love to encourage all CC and Co. dancers to donate NEW (used stuffed animals cannot be delivered) stuffed animals and place them inside of a large bin by the front desk. This would be a studio wide fundraiser, and all contributions would be greatly appreciated. If each dancer brought merely one stuffed animal, we would have the supplies necessary to bring a great deal of happiness to many children fighting for their lives on the only day of the year dedicated solely to love; Valentine's Day. Together, we could share the immense love inside of CC & Company’s studio to those who need it most!

Thank you for your time,

Alexa Blair Robertson


Operation Love

MISSION: Millions of children around the world each day must undergo the harsh chemotherapy and radiation necessary to fight off cancer. These treatments are long and grueling making it not a very pleasant time for the patients. Children of all ages must endure this difficult time. Lucky for us, we are healthy, happy, and get to enjoy the wonderful gift of dance. Those sick with cancer do not. However, if we all work together, we can help to bring a bit more love and happiness to those battling cancer here in the Raleigh area. We can do this through the form of stuffed animals.

WHY: Stuffed animals have the capabilities to bring so much joy. They offer compassion, love, and strength and are memoirs that can last a lifetime, which are exactly what a child fighting cancer needs most. I know this because I was once one of those sick children. I was diagnosed with a Wilms Tumor at the age of four. My tumor was stage four and the size of a basketball. I had to undergo months of chemo and radiation at UNC Chapel Hill Children’s Hospital. While receiving my treatment, a woman came by my room one day. She gave me a stuffed dog saying that he had my name written all over it. That stuffed animal became my buddy during the rest of my time there in that oncology ward. Although my stay there was never easy, that dog made me happier and stronger. I still have that dog today, almost 11 years later.

HOW YOU CAN PARTICIPATE: I would love to encourage you all to donate NEW stuffed animals and place them inside of the large bin by the front desk. ALL of these animals will be personally delivered to the patients currently receiving treatment in the Pediatric Oncology Ward of UNC Chapel Hill Children’s Hospital on Valentine’s Day this year. This is a studio wide fundraiser, and all contributions are greatly appreciated. If each dancer brings merely one stuffed animal, we will have the supplies necessary to bring a great deal of happiness to many children fighting for their lives on the only day of the year dedicated solely to love. Together, we can share the immense love inside of CC & Company’s studio to those who need it most :)

DATES: Operation Love stops accepting donations as of Friday, February 10th. All donations will be delivered on Valentine’s Day.

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Important Reminders...


- COSTUME PASS OUT WILL HAPPEN IN YOUR JAZZ AND HIP HOP CLASS, FEB15-20TH. Please come the last 20 minutes of class to hear an explanation of your dancer's costume and have your questions answered. If you are in Production or Shock Jazz Large, those costumes will be given to you in your Jazz class.

- All Fusion Company members are required to purchase make up from the studio. If you were a member of Fusion last year, we will be using the same color palette - so you will not need to purchase make up if you still have yours from last year. If you are new to Fusion or need to purchase a new make up kit, please log on to your online account, go to the 2015-16 Master Class & Optional Convention season and select the Fusion Make Up class listed on Feb 15th. If you are a new Fusion member and have not registered for make up, your account will be Auto Billed $25 on 2/15. IF YOUR FUSION DANCER IS IN CORE OR RISING STAR ALONG WITH FUSION, SHE WILL WEAR THE FUSION COLORS FOR ALL DANCES AT CONVENTIONS/COMPETITIONS. *Please note that we will be having a make-up and hair styling meeting in the next few weeks. Information will be sent out soon.

- We want to hear from YOU!!! Next week we will begin our new "Student of the Month" award. This award will be based on the character of the individual dancer voted on by his/her peers. One special prize will be awarded each month for the dancer exhibiting generosity, kindness, positive energy, and/or optimism. The voting box will be permanently located outside of Studio 4 where you will be able to cast your vote!

WEEKEND REHEARSAL POLICY - Please understand that we do not have an office staff over the entire coarse of a weekend. Therefore, if you are going to miss rehearsal and it is after 7pm on Friday evening or 1pm on Saturday, please communicate with a person in your dance as well as email the company.

- Thank you for following the dress code guidelines! You are now allowed to wear class appropriate attire!:)

MAKE UP CLASS FOR TINY TOTS AND SATURDAY 8am Extra Ballet/Jazz - We will be holding a make up class for the class cancelled on February 6th. This class will take place on Saturday, February 20th from 8:00am-10:00am. Each group will have their regular class and rotate into the missed class during the opposite hour.

TRAVELING? Keep any complimentary samples in the hotel room that you don't use and donate them! We will be collecting year round and donating to the Rescue Mission. Donations will be collected in the lobby.

BUDDY BOARD - CORE/FUSION - We know that you may not get to see your buddies as often as you would like due to schedules, so with the help of Fusion parent Mandee Cottrell we have placed a "Buddy Board" in the Studio 4/5 lobby. Each month will have a theme and you will be able to leave messages for your buddy thought the week! Be sure to show your buddy some love!!

WEEKEND REHEARSALS - Please use the Home Depot entrance for drop off/pick up for weekend rehearsals. The front entrance will be locked at 2:00pm on Saturdays and all day Sundays. This is for your dancers safety. We appreciate your cooperation!

If you are arriving late to a rehearsal, it is possible that you may be locked out. For safety reasons, if there are only two or fewer rehearsals at one time, we will have the doors locked. Please let your instructor know if you are running late and we will be sure to look out for your dancer.

ANY REHEARSAL CONFLICTS - should have been submitted to company@cccodance.com, if you have any that have not been submitted please do ASAP! If your conflict is submitted later than a week before your rehearsal, your account will be charged a Rehearsal Absence fee of $50.00.

Optional Conventions on the Fusion Calendar – This year when you decide upon any optional conventions/events/master classes, you will log on to your Studio Director account, choose ‘Enroll in a class’, select the dancer you wish to register, then select ‘2015-16 Master Class, Conventions & Optional Events’ season. Once you do that you will see a calendar, go to the month/year that the event will occur. Select the appropriate age group and enroll in the class. The balance due will be $0 (unless you are registering on the Auto Bill date) YOU WILL NOT BE BILLED UNTIL THE DUE DATE OF THE EVENT! Completing the check out process (with a zero balance) will commit you to this convention/optional event.

If you decide to enroll for other classes, events, etc. you will not have to pay for the convention fee/master to check out. Your total will only be for items that are due at that current time. If you decide before the due date that you do NOT wish to participate in the optional convention/event, you can go in to your Studio Director account, view your shopping cart and remove the event. If you have any questions please contact MeLissa.

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The Carolina Ballet has launched a pilot program that offers free tickets to all high school students with a valid student ID.

The new program kicks off this weekend with the ballet company's performances of Beethoven: Symphony No. 9. It's followed by the ballet's Shakespeare series, which is scheduled for this coming winter and spring. That's when the company will join an international celebration marking the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's death with four productions based on his plays and sonnets.

The performances take place in downtown Raleigh at the Duke Energy Center for Performing Arts. Here are the shows that high school students can attend for free:

Loves Speaks - Feb. 4 to Feb. 21

Tempest Fantasy - March 3 to March 20

Macbeth (world premiere) - April 14 to April 17

George Balanchine's A Midsummer Night's Dream - May 12 to May 14

Here's the fine print: All tickets are based on availability for select performances at the discretion of Carolina Ballet. Students can call the Carolina Ballet Box Office at 919-719-0900 to reserve a seat. The tickets will be held at the will call window at the theater. Students must present a valid student ID to pick up their ticket. Students may also get their tickets at the theater on the day of the show one hour before curtain.

Read more at http://www.wral.com/new-program-lets-high-school-students-see-carolina-ballet-for-free/15116381/#69giQTZyptwwURQB.99