Wong Chin Foo

Wongs life

Wong was born in 1847.In the following years he studied at a preparatory school in Washington, D.C. and University at Lewis burg . In 1871, Wong married Liu Yu Sanand changed his name to Wong Yen Ping.Wong worked for a short time in the Imperial Maritime Customs Service in Shanghai. Wong was involved in subversive, anti-government activity.His anti-government activities finally got the Qing government's attention which put a reward on his head. left his wife and kid. Wong moved to Japan then back to the U.S.. he was traveling and lecturing.Wong organized the Chinese community for political and civil rights, he organized the first association of Chinese American voters and also established the Chinese Equal Right League which united the Chinese Americans to fight against the Chines Exclusion Act in 1892.Wong established the first Chinese-language newspaper East of the Rockies, the Chinese American. Wong survived from several assassination attempted by gangsters and earned conviction for libel of a gangster leader. Wong brought a Chinese theater in New York, established a language school and briefly opened a Confucian temple.In 1898, he left the United States for a family reunion in China. Wong applied for a U.S. passport but was quickly revoked and died of hart failure in Weihai