Turner Syndrome

Elsha Han

Turner Syndrome

Turner Syndrome is a disorder where any age in any race or ethnic group that is a female can get. Turner Syndrome is where the 23rd chromosome, where the gender is determined, or the sex chromosome has the second X chromosome partially gone or completely gone. This can only happen in females, because females have two X chromosomes and males have one X chromosome and a Y chromosome.

Type of Inheritance

The Turner Syndrome is caused by nondisjunction which means there is an error in the cell division. ("Turner Syndrome" Genetics Home Reference) The Turner Syndrome affects only girls, because females have two X chromosomes and male have one X chromosomes and one Y chromosomes. ("Learning About Turner Syndrome") Turner Syndrome makes the second X chromosomes partially missing, rearranged, or completely absent. ("Turner Syndrome" Genetics Home Reference) The Turner Syndrome affects females in any age group and any race/ethnic groups and the Turner Syndrome only affects the 23rd chromosome.

Type of inheritance

  • The cause of the Turner Syndrome is because of the chromosome, to be exact the 23rd chromosome.
  • The Turner Syndrome is a sex-link, because the Turner Syndrome affects the 23rd chromosome or the sex chromosome and that determines the gender of a child.

Turner Syndrome key issue and problems

Physical Problems that female will face:

  • webbed neck or a extra folds of skin extending from the tops of the shoulders to the sides of the neck.
  • a low hairline at the back of the neck
  • dropping of the eyelids
  • differently shaped ears that are set lower on the sides of the head than usual
  • abnormal bone development, especially the bones of the hands and elbows
  • a larger than usual number of moles on the skin
  • edema or extra fluid in the hands and feet
  • growth problems, they will be shorter than others
  • breast growth ("Turner Syndrome" KidsHealth)

Physical problems can cause the females to experience with low self -esteem, because of how they look

There is also the health problems with Turner Syndrome

  • kidney problems
  • high blood pressure
  • heart problems
  • overweight
  • hearing difficulties
  • diabetes
  • thyroid problems ("Turner Syndrome" KidsHealth)
  • prevents the ovaries from developing properly
  • will not go through puberty and that can affect the ovaries
  • menstruation ("Turner Syndrome" KidsHealth)
  • unable to get pregnant on their own
  • Girls that are diagnosed with Turner Syndrome will have some learning difficulties, particularly in math and hard time with tasks that require skills such as map reading or visual organization. ("Turner Syndrome" KidsHealth)

Turner Syndrome potential treatments

There is no actually cure for the Turner Syndrome, but there are some treatments that females that are diagnosed with Turner Syndrome can receive. ("Turner Syndrome" KidsHealth)

  • Hormone injections can make the girls with growth and the lack of sexual development ("Turner Syndrome" KidsHealth)
  • Women might have high blood pressure since it is quite common when they are diagnose with turner syndrome and they have slightly higher risk of having active thyroid or developing diabetes, so by getting a regular check up, the doctors can prevent that. ("Learning About Turner Syndrome")
  • The pediatrician can and will help the girls diagnosed with Turner Syndrome with their middle ear infections and the girls ear, nose, and throat may be involved in caring for this health issue and that can be treated with a ear, nose, and throat specialist.
  • Females will not get their periods if they are diagnosed with Turner Syndrome. If women don't get their periods that can affect the womb. That can be cured with a estrogen replacement therapy which will give the girls estrogen and progesterone which will act as a period and keep the womb healthy.
  • Turner Syndrome causes a female's hear murmur or narrow the aorta, but they can get treatment from a heart expert or a cardiologist to assess and follow up any treatment necessary. ("Learning About Turner Syndrome")
  • This technique called vitro fertilization can help women that are diagnose with Turner Syndrome get pregnant. With proper care and supportive care, the woman can carry the pregnancy to term and deliver a baby through the normal birth process. ("Turner Syndrome" KidsHealth)
  • Girls can go to the pediatric endocrinologist which can help the girls with hormones and metabolism in their childhood. ("Learning About Turner Syndrome")

Population that is affected

Turner syndrome affects only female and occurs in every one in 2,500 newborn. Newborn girls are more likely to have Turner Syndrome in pregnancies that do not survive like a miscarriages or stillbirths. ("Turner Syndrome" Genetics Home Reference)

additional fact of interest

Dr. Henry Turner was the first person to find the turner syndrome will studying a group of seven girls who all had the same unusual development and physical features. ("Turner Syndrome Facts and Tips")

additional fact of interest

Women that are diagnosed with Turner Syndrome can have one simian crease across the palm of a hand than the usual three lines across the hand. ("Simian Crease")