Global Warming is a fact

carbon dioxide effects the ozone By Alysa,Jaylan, and Mailk

carbon dioxide

Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas. Carbon dioxde is made by cars,cutting down trees, and factories. So we need to slow down cutting trees and you can use your feet and get thoses legs moven on.

Global warming is melting glaciers.

Do you see that polar bear up top the iceberg it is on it is melting because of global warming.

Global Warming is true because the north and south poles are getting hotter and hotter every day.


The Heat

As you see the ligthing the heat in the air is rising up so is the ground and temp.


The Ocean Temperature

Ocean levels are rising every 20 years because of global warming . When the ocean rises the animals start to die and the less animals are in the ocean the less prodoucing there is.

Over Water

Melting Land

The water was rising over the land and not even going slow!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4 years later the water went over the land. When glaciers melt water levels rise and falls.

Our Environmental Indicators


Look at the our earth up there