Christopher Columbus

World History Class 4 -- Lauren Hawk

Why Did Columbus go?

Columbus was determined to find a direct/shorter water route west from Europe to Asia, yet he never made it. Instead he found the Americas ( A New World).

What issues did Columbus and his men have on the way there?

He had nine ships sink and harsh weather. Christopher Columbus had some violent people on his ships who carried many diseases this cause the other people who were not used to it to die. They also had a lack of food and water which cause people to die aswell.

What controversies are there over Columbus?

Controversy involving Columbus’s interactions with the indigenous people the Indians; were the the use of violence and slavery, the forced interactions with the native people to becoming Christianity, and the introduction of new diseases that would have dramatic long-term effects on native people in the Americas.

What did Columbus do that was smart?

He combined the Europeans and the Americas to trade together. Columbus Inspired people to travel and get gold. Also he was the Worlds first explorer.

What did he do that was dumb?

Since he decided that combining the two together the Europeans brought diseases which killed many of the Native Americans. Columbus also is dumb because he went off of a lot of guesses to his theories in doing something.