Campus Gradebook Post

What You Should Know:

Before the deadline of every progress report window or report card window, Clerks should be checking to see if the teachers have posted/finalized grades.

Clerks need to check this BEFORE the grading window closes, to give Teachers time to update grades and post/finalize.


Step 1:

Click on the entry point "Campus Gradebook Post"
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Step 2:

Fill in the appropriate information and select "Load Sections"
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Step 3:

The default option will ALWAYS be "Unfinalized - no selections".

At this point, you can change the selection based on what information you are needing.

Unfinalized Sections With No Report Card Grades

Teachers have not entered grades or posted.

All Unfinalized

All sections that have not been finalized, regardless if the teacher has put in any grades or not.

Finalized Sections

Sections where Teachers have finalized their grades.
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Step 4:

When you select EITHER "All Unfinalized" or "Unfinalized Section With No Report Card Grades", it will automatically check/select the courses that have not been posted. You are able to post grades for these courses, but, the Teachers should be the ones posting and approving their grades.
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Step 5:

If a Teacher has finalized a section, but wants to make changes, you are able to go and Unfinalize their section.

  • Select the "Finalized Sections" button.
  • Find the course you are trying to unfinalize.
  • Select the course, then select "Unfinalize.

The Teacher will now be able to go in and make any changes.

Please note: The Teacher will need to finalize again if the course has been unfinalized.

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