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TCCA 2014 is set to be the largest ever!

TCCA is filling up fast!!! With 1897 people registered to attend, we will stop accepting registrations after we hit 2000 attendees signed up. We have a rock star line up of presenters from all over the country. TCCA has attracted attention from all of the major players such as Apple, Google, and Microsoft...all at the same conference!

We have developed a day long event that will encourage, motivate, and help you whether you are a principal, teacher, or district administrator. TCCA is the only free (yes, you heard right) technology conference to offer lunch and great door prizes.

Download the official TCCA 2014 App!

Did you know that TCCA has launched its first app for the conference? It is available for most devices from the iOS App Store and Google Play. Download it today!

What to expect on October 18...

Apple will be providing a conference inside of a conference with “iTunes U”. This 6 hour mini conference is only available to the first 100 people who sign up (check it out on the website). This will be a hands on, very in depth training provided by Apple on their iTunes platform.

Are you interested in Google in Education? We have an entire strand of Google sessions presented by Google Education Trainers. What about how to flip your classroom? Yeah, we have that too.

Last but not least, we have sessions dedicated to campus and building administrators. These sessions will open their eyes to what is out there and help to motivate forward thinking!

Head on over to our online schedule to plan your day at TCCA 2014!

TCCA 2014

Saturday, Oct. 18th, 7:30am

Davis Senior High School 12525 Ella Blvd Houston, TX 77067