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TGIF News for EB Staff - PURPLE PRIDE!

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Who is OUT on this fabulous Friday?

Rose Skavnak, Phy Ed Teacher

Helana Crushshon, Special Education Teacher (OUT in the PM)
  • Guest Teacher - Delma Francis

Brittany Bancroft, ADSIS Teacher

(OUT in the AM at ADSIS Information Meeting at MDE)

Shannon Karkula, Literacy Coach

(OUT in the AM at ADSIS Information Meeting at MDE)

Wendy Schultz-McCurdy, Special Education Assistant

Kevin Green, Student Support Specialist (OUT until 9:45 AM)

Quinnisha Hunter, Recess EA (OUT until 12:30 PM)

Shanica Jones, Recess EA

Paula Carroccio, MN Reading Corps Tutor

Reporting Staff Absences

Licensed Staff

Please remember your protocols for reporting absences from work involve entering your absence in 2 places: myView and AESOP.

Non-Licensed Staff

Please remember your protocols for reporting absences from work involve entering your absence in myView and an email to your direct supervisor.

Friendly Friday

Friday, Sep. 16th, 9pm

Earle Brown Media Center

Please join your Earle Brown friends in the Media Center at 8:10 AM for a Friendly Friday hosted by Team Linus. Thank you Maggie, Cortlandt, Michelle, Dani, Sue, Marti, Kristin, Kelly and Tanya!

Mykella will also be bringing non-edible treats in the form of school and office supplies for YOU, compliments of a donation from the University of Minnesota Physicians.

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Earle Brown Daily Building Calendar

7:30-8:10 AM

EMBC Union Monthly Meeting

Beth Schultz' Classroom - Room A104

8:10-8:30 AM

Friendly Friday for ALL EB Staff

Media Center

Friday EB Shout Outs!

Multiple times over the past few days, I have seen 3rd grade teachers appreciating each other's teaching strengths by asking for advice, asking clarifying questions, and taking pictures of / sharing things like anchor charts. Using teammates as sources of what works is such a great way to help our students and is a huge part of collegiality!

~ Recognized by Maggie Vecchio-Smith

Thank you so much to Blair Wenndt, Tracy Philstrom, Tanya Heifort, Dave White, Rebecca Nygren, Amanda LeFevre, Brittany Bancroft, and Greg Tomlinson for their help with proctoring the FastBridge aReading and aMath tests this week. Their willingness to take on a new testing site, navigate the ins and outs of it, prepping the laptop carts, filling in last minute and being patient with the technical glitches...I am indebted to them! You are all so appreciated!

~ Recognized by Minh Strusz

Start your day off right... - YouTube
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Hall Pass for Individual & Small Group Student Transitions

Vision for the 2016-17 School Year:

Students will move safely and silently throughout the building. Individual students in the hallway will have a pass with a specified destination. Individual passes will have departure time. There will be color coded passes used throughout the building.

Staff Expectations:

  • Staff will provide directions prior to students entering the hallway including destination and time expected for the transition.

  • Staff will write or give a pass to any individuals leaving the room.

  • Staff will ask students without passes where they are going.

Students Expectations:

  • Students will walk silently, follow staff directions, stay on the right side, face forward to ensure a safe transition, and have a pass.

  • Students will only use back stairs if they are escorted by an adult.

More information regarding our procedures, systems, and routines in the School Operations Plan.

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Coaches' Corner

This week's wondering...

This time of year educators are setting routines in place. If "VABBing" is incorporated, what might it sound like as students are corrected for their routine errors?


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