The Mongenas Kung Fu Chipmunks

September 14, 2012

Content Corner

We continue to work on practicing our procedures and I am pleased with the progress we are making! This week we have been focusing on the Lifeskill of Trust and the importance of doing and saying the right thing.

In Word Study, we have been working on nouns. We’ve also started with learning new vocabulary in LA (accuracy, comprehend, characteristic) and Math (maximum, minimum). We continue to work in our Daily Language Review book. This book helps our class practice everyday reading and writing skills like: capitalization, spelling, & the use of context clues.

In Reading Workshop, we have been learning about story elements and character traits. We have read many picture books and discussed the elements of a story and talked about the different characters within a book. We worked on finding proof within the text to show evidence of a particular character trait. In addition, we have been thinking and feeling about our reading. The students are learning how to take those thoughts and feelings and put them into words. This is a process which takes time and practice. The goal is for students to be able to write thoughtful responses to their reading. These responses will include support for their ideas with details and information from the story.

Our focus with reading comprehension is “monitoring comprehension”. We have been learning about many strategies to use when our comprehension breaks down and we stray from our inner conversations as we read.

In Writing Workshop, we wrote a “snippet” which is just a “snapshot” or “mini clip" of a story, written in 2-4 sentences. Next week we will we begin working on turning our “snippets” into a more developed story with vivid verbs and adjectives to make their writing come to life.

In Social Studies, we are working on using and reading maps/atlases. We have also reviewed continents, oceans, and vocabulary. Students took their first GROW quiz this week. Students will complete the practice GROW page in class on Mondays and will take the GROW quiz on Thursdays. Please keep all GROW practice pages in the green Social Studies/GROW folder since the quizzes are cumulative.

Important Dates and Reminders

· I Like Me Speeches: Sept. 24th-28th

· Please remember to sign your child’s planbook and Nightly Reading Log. The reading log is collected & graded every Friday.

· GROW quizzes every Thursday.

· Thank you to all of the children who participated in our logo contest. Our 1st and 2nd place winners of our class logo (seen at the bottom of this newsletter) were designed by Brynne Parry and Bella Carson.

Friday Folders

Fridays are big communication days. On Friday, expect to see a black folder in your child’s backpack. In the folder there will be graded papers, work from the week, as well as any communication notes from the office.

Our class is in need of parent volunteers to help stuff these folders so that these papers can make it home. It only takes about 30-45 minutes. If you would be willing to help, please contact Allison Kahnn, our room parent at:

I Like Me Speech

Today, I introduced our first project, the I Like Me speech. I modeled my speech for the class. Assignment instructions, a grading rubric and an organizational sheet went home today with each child. The students began working on their I Like Me speeches here at school. Students brainstormed ideas and put their ideas on the note cards. Students should practice their speech at home and should bring in 3-5 props to show during their speech. The speeches will be presented the week of September 24th-28th on the student's sharing day during our morning meeting.

Seeds Sightings

These students have been seen spreading the seeds of the LIFESKILLS.

· and – have been using the Lifeskill of Friendship by helping each other out during class activities.

· Mia –has shown the Lifeskill of initiative by helping clean up at the end of the day without being asked.

· – come in quietly each day and begin working on their morning work immediately!! They are really practicing Responsibility!!