Inventions 3-5

MP4 Week 4

How do inventions impact the environment?

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Going Green? What's the big deal?

How would you power your family's car if gas stations ran out of gas? How would you heat your house? Cook your food? Let's take a look at how our lives affect the world around us in order to understand why going green is a very big deal and why we need eco-friendly inventors!
Click Here: Carbon Footprint Video

What does carbon footprint mean? Watch this video to find out!

Inventions have made our lives easier and better. But what about their impact on the environment? When you use inventions, what impact are YOU having on the environment? Take the test below to see how big your carbon footprint is! This will help us determine what problems need fixing and, as inventors, what solutions we can invent to reduce our carbon footprint!

What's Your Carbon Footprint? 10 Points

Click the link below to calculate your carbon footprint!

  • Choose a username: don't use your real name
  • Enter your birthday: doesn't have to be your real birthday
  • For School enter: Pennsylvania Department of Education
  • Answer the questions to calculate your carbon footprint
  • Write your results down in inventor's notebook! You'll also be adding your results to a document I sent you in palcs google drive. Be sure to include how many earths you take up!
  • We'll be sharing our results in chat!

How can we improve our carbon footprint? Your Challenge!

Trash Tracker: 15 Points

  • Click the link below and follow the instructions to track your trash for 3 days only! You do not need to repeat the activity for 3 more days!
  • Go to your palcs google drive
  • Click on the link that I sent you in your drive
  • Write the results of your carbon footprint and your trash tracker in the google doc. This document will be viewed and edited by you only. It will not be a shared group project like before!
  • Type in the moodle submission box that you completed the assignment. I'll see your completed doc in the drive! You do not need to send me anything through moodle! We're saving paper!
Click Here: Protector of the planet!

How will you improve your carbon footprint? Write the results in your inventor's notebook and add your results to the google document that I sent you in your palcs google drive!

See you in cyberspace!