Connected Educator Month @iES

Day 28 - What Makes a Connected Educator?

What Makes a Connected Educator?

Now that you’ve spent almost a month becoming a connected learner and a connected educator, you may have formed your own ideas about what connected learning is, and what “makes” a connected educator. At least, we hope you’ve been thinking about it!

Is it how many tools he knows how to use? How many friends she has on Facebook or followers she has on Twitter? How well he’s known around the internet? Does she have to be connected 24/7? Does he have to bring Web 2.0 tools into the classroom? What do you think?

• Answer the following question in our IES Collaborative Google Doc: What IS a connected educator?

That's all for today! Tomorrow we’ll explore the world of online communities outside the sphere of education.

All text, links and videos are from the Connected Educator Starter Kit.