Cove Statesville: Students Serve

Plugging in with Success

Ground Rules for Students Serving with Success: The 4 Bs

Be Seeking God Actively: Through personal time, in youth and main service and with friends and at school.

Be Involved:

Attend service. Must attend AT LEAST 1 service each week.

Play with kids, not play,

Ask your leader how you can help.

No cell phones

Be a good Model: in social media, at church, home, mall, etc

Big issues: posting inappropriate content or following content- even if it's good, from sources that aren't good.

Be Responsible: Communicate needs and be reliable. Text/ voice mail Miss Regina at 704-724-6852

Be Seeking God Actively

Seek to be a Jesus Follower

each Wednesday attend small group,

attend the First Sunday Youth Service for CSM from 6-8Pm at The Statesville Campus. Share life in your small groups and praise and worship time. Use this time to Celebrate how Jesus is working in your life. You must FILL up in order to POUR in!

Seek on your own. Spending time in God's word and thinking about He can work on you and through you. Some links are below on how to get your own devo time started:

The Path to Serving

Easy as 1-2-3

1) Complete a "Test Drive". Be paired with an experienced youth server to learn the ropes.

2) Complete a Spiritual Gifts tests and conversation during 1st service on any Sunday. Text or voicemail Regina to set up a time: 704-724-6852

3) Permission from parent/guardian. Decide on service and attendance times.

You're now a Student Server!

Maturity Model

If a time should arise where a student's behavior is not in line with Cove Values, the following process will be used.

1) Verbal Warning about behavior

2) Discussion and 2 weeks probation period

3) Meeting with parent/guardian and 3 months probation. Restart at the beginning of the process.

Daily Time with God

Links for Parents

Final Tips

1) This is your ministry. If you can't conduct it, contact Miss Regina at 704-724-6852 if you need anything or can't serve.

2) Avoid picking up children. Get down on their level instead. Do not take kids to restroom.

3) Do not invite friends back. All people working with kids must be trained. If you have friends that want to serve, get them in touch with me so they can be trained to serve.

4) Be flexible and easy to work with…your fave position may already be filled if you get here late.

Serving times: 8:45-10:15 1st Service

10:20 or end of 1st service-12:30 for 2nd service

5) SEE a WRANGLER FIRST THING when you report to serve!! EVERY time!