holiday mayhem

with all your work peeps

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what could be more fun?

You all have been very good elves...always working hard while keeping your spirits high. Let's take some time to have fun!

Laser Tag Extravaganza

The Plan: Go up to Slackers in the Orchards Mall and have a relaxing time. Well, it might not be that relaxing, but it should be fun. Activities include laser tag, eating, air hockey...heck, they may still have Dance Dance Revolution.

Wear comfortable clothes that will allow you to dodge, snipe, duck and cover. (There is no running allowed at Slackers.) To make things easy, just wear your combat suit to work, I'll cover for you.

Food and drink will be provided.

Wednesday, Dec. 16th, 12:15pm

1800 Pipestone Road

Benton Harbor, MI