stand up against bullies

cyberbullying kills

cyber bullying is becoming very popular and is effecting many peoples lives. 52 percent off young people report being cyber bullied but there are many people that dont report it and 55 percent of young people have seen bullying happening over social media but did they do anything about it ? some bystanders report the bullying, some join in and some just forget about it, being bullied and speaking out about it would be hard and sometimes embarrassing, that's where they need your help . One of 65,000 children ages 10 to 14 commit suicide every year. About 20% of kids that are cyber bullied think about suicide, childhood and teenage years are meant to be fun, no one should have to think about ending there life because of the actions of someone else.
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Breathe Me - CyberBully (Bullying Awareness Video)

how can cyberbullying be stopped?

parents can stop cyber bullying by controlling the websites there children go onto and check there child is being safe and doing the right thing online. bystanders can help if you see someone being bullied or hear about it tell someone so it stops. dont encourage the bullying help the person being bullied in anyway you can STAND UP TO THE BULLY. Report the bullying to a parent or a teacher/ principle,
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Elke at trinity

Friday, April 3rd, 10pm

1 Dawson Street

Lismore, NSW

Elke Rolfe will be coming to trinity to give a speech about anti-bullying and giving out fliers and many prizes please come along.