2nd Lieutenant Baker

Jeremy bakers army career

The college i wan to attend to!!

I would like to go to AMU-AMERICAN MILITARY UNTIVERSITY becouse they help you learn what you need to prepare fo the milatary. You can take classes of any branch in the militry. The degree you will need is a bachelor of Science and a double major in Technology and Science.

salary avarge

Your salary when you join the military is 18,194 for 2 years you also get paid by the rank and months you are in the ARMY. You also get paid by the years and ranks your in service.

The reason i want to join

The reasons I want to join the army is becouse it is fun and it will tech people when they join respect. Another reason I want to join is becouse I want to be a artillery machenic or a sniper when i go in ill will probly be a machenic first and if the let me I will take classes to become a sniper for the ARMY.

College Pay

the collage pay for american military university is 14,194 and it should be payed by 26 months so I should be in good shape for when I go into the ARMY.


Monthly payments-Get paid by rank and months

Starting Averge-I will be making 18,194 for 2 months

Training-10 weeks of basic combate and 15 weeks of advanced inductional training with one of job insrtucter.

High School

In high school I will be taking (rotc) to get a experrience of how the army traing and other stuff is like.Before I leave for collage I will get a part time job somwhere part-time.

Works sited

go army.com


american military university

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