Morton's Musings

Communication for the week of March 14-18

Field Trip to Washakie County Musuem - April 6th

We will be going to the Washakie County Museum on April 6th. We will be learning about the treasures in our Big Horn Basin Community. We will also learn about simple machines.

If you would like to go with us, please let me know ASAP. There is a new permission form for non school employee adults to be on the bus with students. It has to be filled out and approved by the acting superintendent prior to the parent attending. Thank for understanding.


Comprehension Skill -This week we are working on better analyzing the character, setting and plot of a story. We are also working on the theme of the story (love, jealousy, friendship, etc)

Phonics - This week we are discussing all the ways to make the long u sound (u silent e, ew, ui, ue, oo, ou). Have fun finding these sounds in books. Remind your kiddo that some of these letter teams make other sounds as well. (such as ou in soup, but it also makes the ou sound like in ouch. And oo makes two sounds too.)


backpack, outside, baseball, herself, flashlight, bluebird, lunchbox, suitcase, inside, brainstorm.

High Frequency Words - Words to know how to read in a snap!

picture, remember, stood, room, thought


We are working on telling time to the hour and half hours times this week.