Plarning for the Homeless

You read that right; plarning

What in the world is plarning?

The word plarning is a combination of the word plastic and yarn. It is an old farmers trick for utilizing all that is available on the farm and not wasting a thing. Motor City Mitten Mission creatively used plarn to create durable, lightweight, insect free and portable mats and pillows for the homeless in Detroit.

ESL Oral Language Project

Friday, April 26th, 9am to Monday, June 10th, 3:45pm

Room 103 Pierce Elementary or ANYWHERE

We need bags!!

Used grocery bags - all types!! Please attach this S'more link to your classroom newsletters, or just ask for plastic grocery bags. We are collecting them all in the ESL room. Thank you so much!

ESL kids can teach your class how to plarn!!!

Of course this is embedded in our Oral Language curriculum in ESL and we would love to come and show your class how to plarn. It is FUN and EASY and helps lots of people in our local community. Please use this link to schedule a time for the kids (and an ESL teacher) to come and teach your class. It's SUPER COOL!!