The Cruelty of GMO's

Weston Bliobenes


A Genetically Modified Organism (GMO), is an organism that whose genetic material has been altered using genetic engineering techniques.


Genetically altering an animal is considered ethically unacceptable to most. Mixing genes in a lab is against some religions and beliefs practiced throughout the world. This act is looked upon as a person "playing god". This is doing with working with nature in a way it is not made to do.

Environmental Impact

The excessive use of hormones and pesticides to plants and animals has a significant affect of the environment. Over use can lead to cruel sicknesses in plants and animals The pesticides can also be washed into drinking water, thus, contaminating it for the human population. This can cause poisoning as well as mutations and deformities for humans.


Adding various genes from different sources to foods can cause dangers to those that eat them. The mixing of genes can develop into allergies and other harmful effects for the consumers.

Animal Cruelty

Animals are widely mistreated in large farms and factories. The terrible conditions border on animal abuse. Small living space, horrible sanitation, and lack of proper handling can cause the animal to become sick or injured. Forcing an animal to live in such condition is inhumane, and should never be the right way to treat an animal.