Technology 6th Grade Units

By: Anna La Violette

Typing Web

- The intermediate course is required to be done by the end of the first semester.

- Every day type in the start of class for a total of five minutes.

- The username is hssd then then the first four of your last name and first four of your first name.

- The password is your district password ( regular ).


- For a three you need to get through stage seven The Artist 2.

- Watch the video pop ups to help you to understand how to achieve the level.

- To help you the program tells you how many blocks at least you need to place.

Career Locker

-Five day unit ( about two weeks ).

-Mrs. VandenBoogaard leads the unit ( sixth grade counselor ).

- Take assessments and play games to find your interests and learning styles.

Haiku Deck

- Ten slides or more including the title page.

- Answers in bullet points must be sentences not paragraphs.

- About your dream job from Career Locker.


- Any topic of your choice.

- You get a chance to share with the class.

- You need your own pictures and words for the storyboard.

Explain Everything

- It's required to include photos for a visual when solving the math problem.

- Record yourself explaining the problem.

- The fist slide must have the problem you are solving.