Percussion Stuff!

January 15-23


This has been a good week of rehearsal. If we can keep this up, contest should go really well. Keep up with the in class schedule!

Let's take a look at the upcoming schedule:

Monday is the observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, there is no school.

Tuesday, Jan. 20 we have a Pep band that night. Its a boys game vs. Mehlville. Call time is 5:00 pm (this is an earlier game)

Friday, Jan. 23 is also a Pep band, but this one starts at 6:00. It is a girls game vs. Oakville.

Remember, each student is required to attend 3 pep bands during the season.

Inclass Schedule for Jan. 20-23

We will continue to warm-up with Legatos and Flams. Both classes will add Timing Patterns.

Both classes will also continue to practice sight reading.

Since it is a 2 day week for each class, we probably will not get a chance to work on Comic Relief, Death by Oooga Booga or Chopsticks.

Playing tests for next week are as follows:

Invasion F - G

The Winding River E - 65

Sizzle F - G

Moonrise has another week to work on top - H.

This week went really well, let's not follow it with a bad one. Be ready and play well.

Percussion Ensemble Uniform

New Uniform Idea

This year we have decided to do something a little different. In the past we have been very adamant on having matching pants and shirts with specific instructions on how to roll the sleeves.

This year, we are going with a color combination. For the formal events of Solo and Ensemble Festival and State Solo and Ensemble Festival we will wear any combination of the colors black and purple. There is one major requirement: NO TENNIS SHOES, NO DENIM AND NO T-SHIRTS!

These competitions are formal events and require formal dress. The judge makes a spot decision on how well a group is going to play the minute they walk into the room. (I know, I'm a judge.) If a student looks good, they will play good. (Again, I know that's not good grammar, just go with it).

If you are looking to purchase, but not spend a lot of money, I suggest Good Will, the Salvation Army or Value Village. You can usually pick up an outfit with shoes for between $10-15.

Remember, this is not about you being a fashion model, its about a uniform appearance to influence the opinion of others:)