My Digital Dossier

By: Raksha Rehal

The beginning of my digital dossier

Even before I was born, my digital dossier started. When I was born, pictures of me where taken and sent to my relatives, which were the very first things to be placed in my digital dossier. Pictures were actually the main source of my digital dossier when I was little. Lots of them have been sent to other people or kept.

My digital dossier now

My digital dossier now is bigger. Pictures aren't a big part of my dossier anymore. I access websites, and read e-books online. I also shop online at e-shops like Amazon and Ebay. This is a more major part of my dossier. Unlike other people my age, I don't have any social media, which makes a huge difference, as it might make my dossier smaller, which I personally like better. But it still continues to grow.

My growing digital footprint

I'm still really young. I'm only twelve years old, and my digital dossier has just started to form. It's going to keeping growing throughout and even after my whole life. As I get older, I'll be doing more digital stuff and maybe going more into social media and things which will contribute in a large way to my growing digital footprint/dossier. It's really important as it can affect my work in the future as my employer may be able to look into my digital dossier. My digital dossier still has a long way to go!