My Personal Pilgrimage

Cinthia Garcia


The location of my personal pilgrimage is Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas, Mexico.
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About my Pilgrimage

In this pilgrimage I plan to help cure the people that are poor and can't afford the doctor visit. I chose Chiapas because it is the poorest state in Mexico. They have the biggest rate in poverty. The reason for my pilgrimage is to help cure poor people, so why not go to help the poorest state in the country I was born.

Timing and Form of Transportation

I plan on being on the trip for about 1 month, am going from March 1 to April 10. I chose to go during that time of year because it is the time that they have the best weather.

I am flying over

Training and Equipment

The training I have to take is the things that you need to do in case of an emergency. For example, first aid how to make someone breath again. How to cure dangerous animal bites. That and many more training I have to take to be able to help cure poor people.

I need a lot of equipment, I need band aids, tape, rubbing alcohol wipes, and many other equipment. I need basically all the equipment a doctor needs when he sees a patient.

Documentation and Language

To be able to enter Mexico and come back I need to have a valid passport or visa that confirms i can legally get out and come back.

The Language they speak over there is Spanish, there might be people that speak English but it is very rare that you find someone that speaks English in Mexico.

Food, Drinks and Money

I would spend about $12,000 in my food for my trip of a month in Mexico. That would cover my breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner and something to drink.

To have the money I plan to work really hard and as much as possible to save all the money i need to be able to accomplish my goal. Also, I may ask my parents to help me with some money.

Communication, Anticipated Challenges, and Accommodations

To be able to communicate with my family and friends to tell them how I am and how my trip is going so far, am going to be using the internet. In Chiapas they have a internet station where they have a lot of computers that people can use.

The Anticipated challenges I may be facing is the weather. There are times where it will get really hot. Also there will be days where it will be raining non stop.

The accommodations are there hotels. They have very beautiful hotels but better than anything they are very comfortable and very cheap.