Mailing May

A true story about a brave little girl!

My teacher wants me to be able to...

Ask and answer questions to show that I understand the book, Mailing May. 3.RL.01

Write a friendly letter using details from the story. 3.W.11

Mailing May Video

Mailing May

Activity #1

Create 3 poplet "bubbles". In each bubble write one question that you have about Mailing May.

*Remember all questions start with a capital letter and end with a question mark.

*Be prepared to share your questions with the class.

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Your teacher will now read you the story, Mailing May!
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Activity #2

Were any of your questions answered in the story? Go back to the questions you created and add a bubble to each of your questions. If your question was answered please write the answer to the question, if the question was not answered simply put No in the bubble.
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Great job third graders! I hope you enjoyed Mailing May as much as I did!