Planet Earth Travel Guide

Places you need to visit, things to see and what to bring!

3 Places to Visit on Earth

Other Suggestions on Where to Visit:

  • Sahara Desert ~ the largest hot desert in the world; found in Africa
  • Paria Canyon ~ a beautiful canyon with amazing views; located in the USA (North Am)
  • Hawaii ~ a tropical archipelago with active volcanoes; found in Pacific Ocean
  • Verdon Gorge ~ said by many as the most beautiful in Europe; found in France
  • Mammoth Cave ~ largest cave system known in the world; found in USA (North Am)

Travel Tips

  1. Mt. Everest: Be sure to watch out for a major risk of this place: avalanches! An avalanche is a vast amount of snow barreling down a steep mountain or cliff, and they can be deadly.
  2. Grand Canyon: You have to be sure to watch out for any type of dangerous wildlife while you are visiting here. This wildlife includes snakes, lizards, and even elks.
  3. Pacific Ocean: Now, for this feature, you have to again, watch out for dangerous wildlife, which includes sharks, whales, jellyfish, ect...

3 Ways People Regionalize the Earth