By:Patricia McCormick

Main Character

The main character is a young 13-year old girl named Lukshmi.She lives with her family in a small village in Nepal.

Protagonist's Problem

Lukshmi is having problems on her home.A few examples are:Less food,no money,and not many clothes.

Protagonist's Memorable Moment

I believe the most memorable moment for Lukshmi is when it rains in her village.

Protagonist's Important Action

Antagonist's Problem

Mumtaz is an owner of "Happiness House".She sells young girls to men to earn rupees for herself.When Lukshmi arrived there,she made Lukshmi to give her body to men.When she refused,she punished the girl with hits.

Antagonist's Memorable Moment

Antagonist's Important Action

Other Characters' Prespective on Main Characters

Ama,who is Lukshmi's mother,Tail,a baby goat that Lukshmi owns,and Gita,a friend of hers.