on the Parish Festival

October 11, 2021

On October 2, 2021, Holy Angels Church celebrated the Feast of the Guardian Angels by having its yearly parish festival fundraiser. Students at Holy Angels School showed their support to the church by performing at the event. Students in grades 2, 6, 7 and 8 were asked what they liked about the festival.

Here are some responses from second graders:

Julianne, Samantha and Aayan enjoyed the toilet ride, which was new this year. Julianne said it was fun racing with her friends.

Stephanie liked the games in the hall. Giuliana also played some games. Reese liked the dart games because of the nice prizes.

Camryn said her favorite was her class’s dance. She said, “I liked it because I felt happy and proud. It was so fun.” Siena, Aaron and Adrian liked their class’s dance, too, because they love dancing.

Adrian, Camryn and Dylan liked rock climbing. Adrian said he has always wanted to rock climb. Dylan said it was so fun to go up so high. Camryn thought it was both easy and hard. She almost made it to the top.

Julianne, Jaedyn and Sophia loved the bouncy house. Julianne enjoyed bouncing and sliding in the bouncy house. Jaedyn liked climbing and Sophia liked sliding down.

Here are some of the favorites of the sixth graders:

Ryann - My favorite was all the dances. Watching all the unique performances was really cool and exciting.

Faustina - My favorite game was the winning soda game. I enjoyed this because in the end, I was able to win at least one thing.

Isabella - My favorite was the rock climbing. It was very challenging to get to the top and amusing to watch others climbing.

Ezekiel - My favorite was when I won Donkey from Shrek in the hall.

Jordan - My favorite was when my classmates and I were all together and had fun while playing games and dancing.

Here are the responses from seventh grade:

Jasmine - I loved the different dances and themes from each grade. Our dance teachers incorporated some fun movements. I loved watching the younger grades dance. They are so cute.

Marian - I liked the duck game. I kept winning and got an army of unicorn plushies. The festival was a fun experience.

Michael - I loved the rock climbing and being with friends. The only time that I can be with friends right now is at school, and the festival let me spend time with them. I liked the rock climbing because it is something that I rarely ever do.

Ysabella - I enjoyed our dance and the way it was choreographed.

Francesca - It's been a long time since my class and I had fun together, and I think that the festival was a great way to hang out. It was so much fun.

Mikaela - My favorite part of the festival was spending time with my friends. I wasn't able to really do anything else but I liked watching them do rock climbing. It's been a while since I've been to the festival so I think it was fun.

Makayla - I liked the carnival games. I played the milk jug game and I won in my first try. I decided to get a donkey stuffed animal for my little sister.

Carlos - The festival allowed me to hang out with friends and drink lots of 7-Up. Hopefully we can have the spring festival on the school campus.

Deanna - The carnival games were my favorite. The games were fun and I enjoyed playing with my friends, which was really nice. There were a variety of different prizes which made it even more exciting.

Danica - I enjoyed watching everyone dance, especially the lower grades.

John - Although I didn't win any of the games at the hall, it was still fun to play the games that I haven't played in a long time. It brought back memories. I also enjoyed hanging out and walking around with classmates.

Most of the 8th grade students said the parish festival gave them a chance to have fun playing games and hanging out with their friends, something they don’t get to do often. They also enjoyed performing at the festival.

Julian - I tried to beat one of the carnival games 6 times, but I didn't win what I wanted. It was still a really fun experience.

Nina - I found the games entertaining. I also enjoyed performing, even though it was nerve-racking at first.

Isaiah - Hanging out and walking around with my friends gave us a chance to be ourselves and be with the people we care about.

The parish festival was a wonderful opportunity to come together and support the church. As the theme of the festival says, “Together We Rise!” It’s good to see the community alive again.

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