Old Adobe Educator Weekly Round-Up

Monday 1/25/21 - Friday 1/29/21

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Instructional Materials, Curriculum Implementation and Educator Feedback

Dear Educators,

All students deserve culturally relevant instruction that prepares them for college, meaningful careers, community activism and success in life. The education we provide should challenge students and spark their curiosity and thirst for knowledge.

We are reminded and research has shown that one of the best ways to dramatically improve student learning and engagement is to provide teachers with high-quality instructional materials and the support they need to use those resources. It is the first step in ensuring equitable instruction.

The robust process of curriculum adoption and implementation should begin with an articulated vision for excellent ELA/ELD and Math instruction. In partnership with teachers and school leaders, a focus on high-quality, standards aligned curriculum and instruction is key to to ensuring equity for each child. As we examine instructional materials, we should consider many factors such as: standards alignment, usability, cultural relevance, teacher supports, meeting the needs of all learners, writing skills, building background knowledge and rigor. Additionally, we must continue to invest mightily in professional learning specifically designed to support teachers to use the curriculum materials effectively as well as instructional pedagogies.

Furthermore, being consistent in gathering feedback to inform curriculum implementation can support teacher confidence and knowledge and help to share learning around culturally responsive teaching.

As we move forward, we will continue to focus on investing in effective and ongoing professional development, providing essential communications to ensure all stakeholders are informed and building coherence around the work. Thank you for your commitment to growing as an educator and participating in the professional development opportunities thus far this school year with a lens on curriculum implementation, reading and math pedagogy, equity leadership and other subjects. We are dedicated to providing you with high quality professional learning that is relevant and immediately applicable, as we must have the goal of being an organization that is obsessed with adult learning! This is critical because as the adults in our organization get better at what we do, student performance will improve.

Please continue to share your feedback as it provides vital data that we need for future professional development planning and support building.

#eachandeverystudent #OldAdobeStrong

Superintendent Lowery

Superintendent Office Hours Coffee Chat

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In honor of Vice President Kamala Harris, the first woman, first Black person, and first person of South Asian descent to be sworn into the office, we highlight two picture book biographies of Harris, one written by Vice President Harris and one written by her niece Meena Harris. Illustrator Mechal Renee Roe is a Black woman and illustrator Ana Ramírez González is Mexican American-- yay for representation in picture books and in executive office! Happy reading <3

Superheroes are Everywhere, Written by Kamala Harris & Illustrated by Mechal Renee Roe:


Kamala and Maya’s Big Idea, Written by Meena Harris & Illustrated by Ana Ramírez González:




We understand we have had some technical difficulty with the Frontline Health Portal. We are working with Frontline to correct and fix any mishaps and minimize the disruption of our goal of all District employees completing the daily health assessment each day.

Here are a few reminders:

1) All staff are required to complete the daily health screen assessment via the frontline health portal each day.

2) Whether you come to a school site/office or are working from home, all employees scheduled to work and are not on leave of absence, must take the daily health assessment.

3) The health assessment is to be completed BEFORE coming to school site/office and must be submitted daily unless the employee is on a leave of absence.
4) If you check any boxes (other than "none of the above") please stay home and call your supervisor and report that you did not pass the health screening. Please expect a phone call from Cynthia Granato, the COVID-19 Technician, to discuss next steps to take according to the Department of Public Health guidelines and requirements.

If you encounter any issues with registering or with completing the Frontline daily health screening, please contact Covid-19 Technician Cynthia Granato at cgranato@oldadobe.org.



State public health officials have extended a Stay-Home Order for the 11-county Bay Area region, including Sonoma County, due to rising cases of COVID-19, increasing hospitalizations and, specifically, low ICU capacity rates for the larger Bay Area region. The restrictions will remain in place until the state’s four-week projections of the Bay Area’s total available ICU bed capacity is greater than or equal to 15 percent.

Under the extended order, residents are directed to stay at home except for work, shopping or other essential activities, such as medical appointments. All sectors other than retail and essential operations must be closed. Outdoor recreation will be allowed. The new restrictions will remain in effect for at least January 2021.

Please remember to:

*Keep to your household

*Refrain from gathering

*Non-essential travel is not allowed


If you heard inaugural poet, Amanda Gorman, recite her poem on Wednesday, you may be interested in the lesson plans related to it that have gone viral. Check out the School Library Journal’s article for some ideas.

Creative Sonoma provides a number of Plug and Play options for teachers in Dance, Visual Art, Music and Drama. You can access the options HERE.

Fountas and Pinnell is offering a free session on Remote Benchmark Assessments on Tuesday, January 26, at 3:00. In case you missed Naomi’s registration email, you can register for it HERE.

SCOE is offering a free math workshop on 2/9, facilitated by Josh Deis:

PLS331: Supporting & Developing Elementary Students in Math

Inspire your students through teaching challenging and engaging real world mathematical concepts no matter how instruction is happening, in person, in distance learning, or a combination. This course is specifically designed to support elementary teachers (TK-5) in developing lessons to help their students build the math skills for them to be successful in the 21st century. Learn how to flip the “I do, we do, you do” style of teaching to a "Launch, Explore, Discuss" to change the way students and teachers interact and feel about math. Participants will leave with a personalized plan to implement with their students. Register HERE:


Equity Coalition Update

Our next meeting will be Wednesday, January 27th at 3pm

Hope you can join!

On your radar: Do you know any Black students who would benefit from a Black youth leadership program? Petaluma Blacks for Community Development is offering a unique leadership and learning opportunity to black students between the ages of 10 and 14. Those accepted to the program's coveted ten spots will attend six sessions starting January 20th. Each session features a Black professional presenting a hands-on activity addressing an area of leadership related to higher education and future careers. Interested in learning more or sharing this with families?

Contact: kristy@boblitt.com

APPLICATION FORM https://forms.gle/afYPzKvpjPQATA548

CONSENT FORM: https://forms.gle/421xR63YFwHpK6H59

If you need to reach the Equity Coalition to share resources, express concerns or ask questions, you can now email the group at equitycoalition@oldadobe.org.


Sign Up Today:-)

The Food Pantry currently serves 120 families in our district community.

We need more volunteers to ensure that we can continue this service and provide this much needed resource.

Please sign up by clicking the button below.


Seniority Lists for both OATA and CSEA have been, or will be, sent out in the next few days. Please take the time to review the seniority list for accuracy. If you have any questions or corrections, please contact your union representative and Sonya Wasden at swasden@oldadobe.org so those corrections can be made before submitting the lists to the school board for approval in February.


Have you heard of CAPTAIN?

In the last several years there has been a significant expansion of educational practices and practices demonstrated to be effective with students with autism. Educators continue to work to ensure that the highest quality instruction and intervention is provided to students who have Autism. Implementation of evidence based intervention and instruction is vital to ensure academic achievement and to ensure that students with autism are well prepared for adulthood. Old Adobe Union School District Teachers, Specialists, Special Education Instructional Assistants and Specialized Assistants all utilize training and the evidence based practices that are referenced in CAPTAIN.

CAPTAIN (California Autism Professional Training and Information Network) is a multiagency network developed to support the understanding and use of Evidence Based Practices for individuals affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder across the state of California.

CAPTAIN is dedicated to the following:

  • Providing statewide access to trainings and resources in Evidence Based Practices (EBPs) that are culturally sensitive, family centered, cost effective, and competency based.

  • Establishing supports that are locally based with trainer of trainers at the local level.

  • Emphasizing how to use EBPs to assist students in accessing the California Common Core State Standards and developing College and Career Readiness.

  • Providing ongoing training, support, and technical assistance to implement EBPs and ensure fidelity of implementation.

  • Supporting the development of local multiagency collaborations to support consistent use of EBPs.

  • Providing an annual training summit and a forum for collegial communication and support to CAPTAIN Cadre members.

  • Providing web based access to materials and resources that are vetted and align with current EBPs.

  • Providing information and outreach to other interested stakeholders and provider groups who could benefit from learning more about EBPs (E.g. Professional Organizations, Higher Education, Self Advocates, Allied Health Providers)

Would you like to learn more about CAPTAIN?

Find their website here: http://www.captain.ca.gov/ Watch a video here: CAPTAIN

ProACT Training

In spite of the challenges of Distance Learning, Sonya Shiffer, Education Specialist, has completed ProACT training with District staff for the year. ProACT is the District’s staff training program designed to reduce or avoid student escalation and behavioral emergencies. ProACT is based on a set of principles that focus on maintaining student dignity and keeping staff and students safe. The program offers professionals the skills needed to reduce or avoid student escalation and physical restraint. The program teaches tools and skills that allow staff to engage with students in positive ways and to provide the supports students need to feel safe enough to learn. Programs that build staff skills for addressing behavioral escalation promote a culture that addresses negative behavior through positive behavioral supports and interventions.


It’s Here! Announcing the Launch of the Newly Redesigned OAUSD Website!

We are delighted to officially announce the launch of the newly redesigned OAUSD website on February 1st!

We want to share about all the amazing things happening in the Old Adobe School District! Our goal with this new website is to provide students, families, staff and the community with an easier way to find school and district information, to improve the aesthetics, to simplify our content, add to new resources and increase communication.

The new design is interactive and also allows for streamlined menus, clear navigation, and a responsive layout for all electronic platforms. We will constantly update our content with helpful information, events, newsletters, and announcements.

Explore our new website to learn more about our District, and be sure to check back in regularly!

We love your feedback. For any questions, suggestions, or comments, please share them HERE.


January 25, 2021 - January 29, 2021

Monday, 1/25

Old Adobe School PTO Meeting 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM

Tuesday, 1/26

Old Adobe School Virtual Tour 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

Wednesday, 1/27

Loma Vista Whole School Assembly 8:30 AM - 8:45 AM
Old Adobe School Community Meeting 8:30 AM - 8:45 AM

Sonoma Mtn School Community Gathering 8:30 AM - 9:00 AM

Thursday, 1/28

Sonoma Mtn School Virtual Site Tour - Please call office to schedule 9:30 AM - 10:00 AM

Board of Trustees Meeting 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Friday, 1/29

La Tercera School Virtual Tour 9:30 AM - 10:15 AM

Loma Vista School Virtual Tour 9:30 AM - 10:15 AM

VIDEO: Teachers Are Using Different Media to Help Students Learn Amid the Pandemic


Registration for the 2021-2022 school year began last week!

All of our schools are hosting Virtual School Tours