Original Poem by Kianna Hren & Mariah Donofrio

Original Poem - Faithfulness

Peyton pampers herself for the night

Dreaming of the day she will dress in white

Delicately she dances around the room

In hopes she will be tied to a new groom

She carefully decorates her nails

Hoping Kyle will not bail

The date is set for a night in the park

She anticipates a future spark

He rolls up in his red chevy truck

Leaving her star struck

Dressed in her chiffon blouse

She hopes to be able to call him a spouse

The golden sunset peeks through the trees

Perfect moment comes and he begins to freeze

She starts to wonder what could possibly be wrong

Was I coming on too strong?

Kyle states he has something to say

I hope his proposal isn’t too cliche

As he takes her hand

She looks around for the silver band

He starts to break down and cry

Thinking she might say goodbye

The words are unable to escape his mouth

As he knows their relationship will only go south

He procedes to tell her there is another girl

Making Peyton want to hurl

This night leaves her in absolute distress

From here on out her life will be a complete mess

It turns out his love was lust

Because of this she lost all trust

He tries to explain

But she is in far too much pain

Peyton is tired of his excuses

Seeing as though she wasn't the only one he chooses

Her family are the only ones she wanted to see

So she could sob and sip some tea

A brisk, autumn breeze fills the air

The way this ended was just not fair

He rolls away in his overrated truck

When really he doesn’t give a fuck


This poem encompasses a heavy topic in relationships: faithfulness. However, there is a humorous side to the story, as the couple appears to be on completely different terms. Kyle is ashamed of cheating on Peyton and holds great regret for what he did. He approached this night regretting his actions and not looking forward to breaking the news to his girlfriend. However, Peyton anticipated this night excited to see what the future may bring. All along, she believed tonight would be the night he planned to propose. Shortly into the night, Peyton realized it was not what she was expecting. After Kyle broke the news to her, Peyton was completely humiliated and embarrassed.

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Analysis/How it fits into our theme:

This poem was written to show a similarity to a piece of literature we previously read. The play Death of a Salesman also demonstrated the idea of faithfulness, which is a catalyst to shame. In the play, Willy Loman cheats on his wife, Linda, while he was on a business trip. Willy carries the feeling of guilt for cheating on Linda because he tried to hide the truth. Instead of being honest, he continuously lied to cover it up. One day when his son Biff caught him with another woman, Willy’s outlook changed forever. Instead of pursuing his dreams, Biff found himself working on a farm, where he thought he was content with his life. This made Willy extremely upset, because he desired more success for his son. Willy rationalized for his mistakes by reflecting his shame onto his two sons for not exceeding the standards he held.

Similar to “Faithfulness”, each character held their own version of shame. For example, Biff’s self-identity was affected by not living up to his father's expectations, leaving Biff ashamed. On the other hand, Willy felt guilty for his actions. However, this didn’t affect his self-confidence, because he diverted all his guilt onto his kids. Willy also seemed to be experiencing embarrassment, because he knew if Linda found out, his self-image would be destructed. However, he does not entirely fit under the embarrassment category. Since Willy deserved to feel guilty for his actions because they were morally wrong, his feelings fall into guilt. In our original poem, Peyton felt humiliated and embarrassed for misinterpreting Kyle’s feelings. These emotions were indicated by a fear that she contained a flaw which made her feel meaningless. On the other hand, Kyle held the same emotion as Willy: guilt. He felt this way because he understood his actions were wrong, which led him to feel remorse for his behavior. Kyle’s self-identity was not altered because of his negative actions. Rather, his actions triggered him to feel guilty of his behavior. Each of these characters experienced a different form of shame due to varying circumstances.