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A newspaper published by 3rd and 4th graders at Lower Devo

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Devo Renovation Corner

An Interview with Arden Reamer
By ES and BP

ES/BP: How is the renovation going?
AR: The renovation is going well for two main reasons – 1. It is on schedule; and 2. It is on budget

ES/BP: Do you think that they are going to stick to their time limit?
AR: Yes, because the project manager is really good at what he does

ES/BP: What are you most excited about for the new school?
AR: I’m most excited about hat it will feel like for all of the students to learn in this up to date building. I’m also excited for the beautiful playground, field and outdoor space

ES/BP: Do you like the blueprint?
AR: I like it very much but I prefer elevations because they give me a multidimensional perspective

ES/BP: Do you think the renovation is going to take less than two years, 2 years or more than two years?
AR: I think it is going to take 2 years just as the builders and architects anticipated

ES/BP: Who had the idea of the renovation:

AR: It wasn’t so much but as a necessity because we needed a larger space and a renovated Devotion school.

Crossword by TP (answers will be published in Issue #2)

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Monthly Book Review and Recommendation- Trumpet of the Swan by HC

The book The Trumpet of the Swan by E.B. White is about a swam who is dumb/mute. A boy finds the swan's nest and protects it from foxes, humans, etc. The swans are a rare type of swans, trumpeter swans.

This book is about the baby swan named Luis who has to pay a debt to a shop keeper for something his father stole for him. He goes around a bunch of states trying to earn enough money.

Luis goes to school with the boy who discovered and protected the swan nest.

Luis acquires a chalk board and chalk and is able to write messages to people.

At the end of the book Luis is able to pay his debt to the shop owner. The owner owns a music shop and Luis' dad stole a trumpet from the shop owner because trumpets are very expensive. On his voyage Luis falls in love with another swan.

This book partially takes place in Boston because Luis leads the duck boats with his trumpet. He also goes to Philadelphia and plays in a music gig.

I think you will enjoy this book if you like animal fiction and not too much action.

I hope you read and enjoy this book. If not, then try reading another book by E.B. White.

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Joke of the Month- by IG

How did the bear get so smart?

Because he swallowed a school of fish!

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Monthly Movie Recommendation- Moana by AR

The new movie Moana is about a little girl urging to get off her island and search the sea to see what more there is to find in the world. One day she stole a boat and sails far away. Soon she meets a demi god (human god) name Maui and teamed up to save the world from an evil fire monster. But on the way, they seek adventures like a greedy crab, cute but dangerous pirates and rough storms. Dwayne Johnson plays Maui and Auli'i Cravalho plays Moana. They animation was also good and each character was different and showing exactly what their personality is like. I also think it's perfect for the whole family. When I went to watch this even my baby sister for the first time ever was not afraid to watch something in the theater. Anyways, I think you're going to like it.
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Sports Section- Top 3 of NFL in 2016 by TP

Number 1: The most tackles in the NFL 2016 was performed by Bobby Wagner. He has made 130 tackles in his career. Bobby Wagner is on the Seattle Seahawks.

Number 2: The most touchdowns scored in 2016 were scored by David Johnson of the Arizona Cardinals. He scored 15 touchdowns- 11 rushing touchdowns and 4 receiving touchdowns.

Number 3: The most sacks were performed by Von Miller of the Denver Broncos. He has made 48 sacks.

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Debate It- Should There Be More Recess Equipment Outside? By LN and LA

Yes, We Should Have More Recess Equipment- by LA

I think we should have more recess equipment so it can open our imagination. More people can play, and if we do, there will be less argument and less waiting time. If there is different equipment it will be more fun to play. It is only my opinion.

No, We Should Not Have More Recess Equipment- by LN

I think that we should not have more balls at recess because people don't put them back at the end of recess. Also, I don't think we should have more balls because people would fight over them. Also, they accidentally hit people. For example, they have hit me a few times. And that is why I think we should not have more balls at recess.

What do you think?

Send us your opinion (bring it to the main office or email it to Mrs. Buller) and we will publish it in our next issue.

Word Search by KR (answers will be posted in Issue #2)

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Hive Happenings Interview with Andrew Licht- Northeastern Intern

Student Interview of the Month- by SZ and JL

This month our reporters interviewed two first graders in 1Z to find out what is happening in first grade...

  • 1Z is learning to read chapter books and do math
  • 1Z has a SmartBoard. They use it for GoNoodle and music
  • Some 1Z kids speak different languages
  • They change jobs once a week
  • They have a word wall and line spots
  • 1Z reads a morning message every day
  • 1Z takes one book out of the library at a time

Teacher Interview: Ms Herzog by JH

Interview with Ms. Herzog

Q. What was Devo like when you went to school?

A. Oh, it was a lot of fun. I had Miss Doane and Miss Danielson as my teachers. And I remember playing outside. One thing I remember is playing in these bushes and I used to play pretend games under them. And another thing I remember from kindergarten is Monarch butterflies. And in Mr. Delong’s class in fourth grade was a puppet that he had named Dr. Witherspoon.

Q. How is Devo different now than when you went to school?

A. Now we’re in a completely new building and there are lots of new teachers who weren’t there when I was there.

Q. Did you like going to Devo?

A. I did like going to Devo and I’m very glad that I’m back as a teacher.

Q. Why did you like going to Devo?

A. Because everyone was always really friendly and the kids were nice to everyone and there were a lot of different kids from different kinds of families. And the teachers I really liked because they were very helpful.

Q. How long did you go to Devo?

A. I was at Devo for kindergarten, first grade, second grade, third grade and fourth grade.

Q. When did you go to Devo?

A. Oh, it was a long time ago like over 20 years ago.

Q. Are any of the teachers still here who were here when you went here?

A. Yes. Miss Frane was my first grade teacher. She was a first grade teacher when I went to Devo. And Miss Doane was here last year. I think she taught first grade. Mr O’Hara, too. He was my gym teacher.

Q. How do you feel being a teacher at a school you used to go to?

A. I love it. I think it’s great. And I love telling the kids that I used to go here and seeing Mr. O’Hara and Miss Frane, teachers that used to be my teachers.

Q. Do you have any tips for people who want to be kindergarten teachers?

A. You always have to have lots of fun and make sure you are kind and be smiling and cheerful, and make learning fun for kids.