Just Because Poetry

By: Haley

Just because I have Alzheimer's,

Doesn’t mean I’m not smart,

It doesn’t mean I don’t understand you

It doesn’t mean you need to baby me,

I’m still an adult

Just because I can’t talk,

doesn’t mean I can’t hear you,

Just because you come see,

doesn’t mean you want to be here,

I know,

I don’t either

Just because seeing me makes you sad

doesn’t mean I don’t want to laugh

It doesn’t mean you should treat me differently,

I’ll still the same person on the inside

Just because I can’t tell you,

Doesn’t mean I don’t want to thank you

It doesn’t mean I don’t want this,

It definitely doesn’t mean I don’t love you

I’ll always love you

Just because I’m in heaven now,

doesn’t mean you shouldn’t remember me,

It doesn’t mean you can’t talk about good memories about me,

It does mean that you should remember the good times

Before I got Alzheimer's