Edgerton JCPRD

January Edition

Program Director: Janni Meierhoff

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Don't Forget

Please call, 913.893.9601 (office) or 913.961.8546 (cell), or email janni.meierhoff@jocogov.org to let us know if your child(ren) will not be attending JCPRD.

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  • January 15th - Fees due
  • January 18th - NO CARE (Martin Luther King Day)
  • January 29th - Fees due
  • February 9th - All Day Care for Kindergarten at Madison
  • February 10th - All Day Care for Kindergarten at Madison and early release at 1:00 for 1st grade and up.
  • February 11th - All Day Care for everyone at Madison
  • February 12th - All Day Care for everyone at Madison
  • February 12th - Fees due
  • February 15th - NO CARE (Presidents Day)
  • February 26th - Fees due

    Tuesday, February 9th and Wednesday, February 10th – No Kindergarten classes. JCPRD will provide all-day programming for Madison, Sunflower, and Edgerton kindergarten students at Madison. Kindergarteners will need a sack lunch with a drink.

    Wednesday, February 10th – Early dismissal at 1pm for 1st grade and up. JCPRD will provide care starting at 1pm at Edgerton.

    Thursday, February 11th and Friday, February 12th – No School. JCPRD will provide all-day programming for Madison, Sunflower, and Edgerton students at Madison. All children will need a lunch with a drink.

    **The above days are included in full-time fees. If your child is not full-time, additional charges will apply**

    2015 Child Care Tax Statements

    Our JCPRD Registration Office will be e-mailing your 2015 child care expense report to you the week of January 4-8, 2016. Please check your inbox this week for that information as well as your SPAM folder in case it gets stuck there. Thank you.

    JCPRD's Tax Identification Number: 48-6090320

    Chilly Weather

    With the temperatures dropping, we ask that your child has the appropriate outdoor attire, as we plan on going outside every day, as long as we are able to, for at least a little while to get some fresh air!

    Snow Days

    Just a reminder that there will be NO JCPRD Program on snow days! Check out our Twitter account for emergency closing postings!


    I thought it would be fun to have an addition to our room that could enhance the creativity of your children... A dramatic play area, where the kids are able to dress up in fun clothing and put on mini skits if they'd like. Many of you have quite the little actors/actresses on your hands and I would like to encourage their creativity in all ways possible! So, if you have any old clothing articles you no longer have use for, please keep us in mind! Here are a few examples of items I would like to have available for them:

    - Costumes of any sort

    - Hats

    - Necklaces/Jewelry






    -Shoes (high heels/dress shoes/clown shoes)

    -Brief Cases

    -Any other items you can think of!

    ***I will be washing and disinfecting all items brought in to me as best as possible before allowing children to play with them, don't fret! :)

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    Participation in the program is a privilege, not a right. The ability of each participant to consistently practice positive life skills is essential to ongoing enrollment. The following set of non-negotiable standards for participation is designed to allow participants to self-regulate behavior. 1.) Respect the right of others to courtesy and personal space. 2.) Manage anger in appropriate ways. 3.) Respect and respond to adult authority. 4.) Accept differences among the group. 5.) Accept responsibility for own actions. These are reasonable expectations for any child participating in a group program setting. The actions of each individual influence the quality of participation for the entire group. Our goal is to facilitate successful participation for each child through the joint understanding, support, and practice of these positive life skills.

    Bring in Your ID

    By now, I am familiar with all of your faces, but will occasionally have a sub that may not be! Bringing your ID with you may save ya a few extra steps! This is for the safety of your children. Thank you for your support with this!
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    JCPRD has pledged to the COMMIT TO HEALTH campaign!!!

    We know that kids who eat healthier and move more perform better in school. It's not just because teachers and administrators tell us so. Research shows that healthy kids get better grades, attend school more often and behave better in class.

    Experts recommend that kids get 60 minutes of physical activity every day. These minutes can come before, during, or after school as long as kids are staying active and having fun!

    Park and recreation agencies are the health and wellness leaders in their communities. Having a safe place to go after school, being active and eating healthy are vital services park and recreation agencies provide. That's why NRPA created Commit to Health—a campaign that supports the implementation and evaluation of Healthy Eating, Physical Activity (HEPA) standards in park and recreation sites across the country.

    Please help us encourage your children to live healthy lifestyles by eating healthy, and getting lots of physical activity!

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