A pedometer app for counting steps

What is SonicBoom?

SonicBoom is an app that is used to count the amount of steps you take throughout the day. The steps are kept on a small bracelet which you sync into your phone using bluetooth. There is both a website and a mobile app for access anytime.
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Pros for SonicBoom

In an addition to counting your steps it also keeps track of the hours slept as well as the time. On the bracelets it shows you how many calories burned, miles walked, minutes of exercise, and steps taken. In the mobile app you cant set goal for each of these categories.

Cons for SonicBoom

When I was signing up, I was really confused and it took a while for me to sign up. The Battery life for the bracelet isn't too good but is manageable. When it is syncing, the numbers are a little lower than they were on the bracelets. I had some difficultly putting on the bracelets by myself. YOU MUST HAVE THE BRACELET TO USE THIS APP.

Final Concusion

I would recommend this app to someone who likes to exercise or keep up with things like steps or minutes of activity. It can be difficult to handle at first, but you can easily get the hang of it after a couple uses. I like how the app tells you more than just the amount of steps taken in the day. I am not a fan of the login process because it took me awhile to login. Students could benefit from this because they could see how many minutes of exercise. If they don't have enough minutes they could easily know.