CURR 588: Week Four Summary

Common Core, Inquiry, the 2nd Person, & More!

Overview of the Reading Standards

· Reading is not solely in the domain of the reading teacher anymore

· All subject teachers need to help nurture strong reading habits and provide texts within their respected disciplines

· Emphasis on reading for information, not making personal connections

Literal Understanding and Text Complexity

· Common Core State Standards 1 & 10

· Set reasonable, yet high standards

· Establishes expectations as students progress through grades

· Different strategies to enhance literal comprehension of texts

Nonfiction Inquiry

· Engage in and model the inquiry process for students

· Promote the use of questions in the classroom

· Have students keep a question journal or “I wonder…” book

· Create time for students to explore their questions

· Emphasize short texts

· Helps students discover their passions and impacts self-discovery

The Importance of Sources

· Determine validity

· Discuss the importance of credible/reliable sources

· “Trusting” information on websites

· Get in the habit of citing sources

Exploratoring Writing through Mentor Texts

1. Writing about an event in the 2nd person

2. Enhancing craft:

  • Dashes
  • Compound Sentences
  • Proper Nouns