Vocabulary Project

By Zoe McMahan

Oil Reserves and Crude Oil

The Geography Alive text book said, "More than half of the world's proven crude oil reserves lie under Southwest Asia" (the Middle East). Crude Oil is unrefined petroleum it is found under ground. Proven crude oil reserves are also know as deposits. According to the text book, from these deposits oil can be pumped to the surface at a reasonable cost. This is important because the world’s crude oil reserves are used to make petroleum which is used to produce oil, gas, plastic, and other things. (The Geoverse)

Non-Renewable and Investing

Oil is an non-renewable resource. That means once it is used up it is gone. What many cities in Southwest Asia did is they invested in solar panels and wind turbines to help produce power. This way even when the oil is gone their cities will still being going and they can still trade with other countries. Another way Southwest Asia is investing in their countries is by controlling the price and the export of their oil. The countries that produce oil in this region are very wealthy.

Some countries in this region have a lot of poverty like countries in the middle of war, like Iraq and Afghanistan, violence keeps the economies from working very well and the people suffer.



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